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Liberty, NY history

Liberty NY history

The Town (and Village) of Liberty, Sullivan County, New York...

is a favorite subject of ours. In fact, we grew up there! If you're interested in the history of Liberty, New York, or Sullivan County, or small towns in America right around the time of World War I all the way up to the 1960s, or changing social and cultural values, or the fabled Borscht Circuit, you will find these CD-ROMs and downloads of interest.  


We have a number of offerings that you should know about if you share even part of our interest in Liberty.  Here's a summary:


Two CD-ROMs of Liberty history and memories:

--Memories of Liberty, Volume IContents of this CD include:  The 1919 Annual of Liberty High School (including an every-name index), as well as newer pictures and ephemera about the school.  Liberty Business Men's Association's 1918 publication, called the "Liberty, N.Y. Picture Book".   Many other pictures and mementos that recall Liberty's past, including photos of Liberty as it appeared in 2001,  the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad -- what's left now, skiing on Walnut Mountain, the Borscht Circuit and before.  See more information and samples, and ordering information.


--Memories of Liberty, Volume II.  Contents of this CD include:  The Centennial Booklet for the Town of Liberty.  The Life of a Plodder -- Fred Gorton's 95 years in his own words (first publication).  The History of the Liberty Fire Department.  Liberty High School Libertas yearbooks for 1942 and 1952.  Cemetery and church records of several congregations and cemeteries, including the Old Liberty Cemetery.  Much more:  including a rare brochure from the Walnut Mountain Ski Area, lots of postcards and pictures, and other  ephemera as well.  See more information and samples, and ordering information.

Downloads of Liberty publications and information:

--Liberty Central School's Libertas yearbook for 1969.  Thanks to Debra Conway for this one!  This yearbook shows a class graduating into "interesting times" in many respects.  Woodstock happened nearby the same year they graduated.  The Vietnam war was in full swing.  The resort industry was visibly in trouble.  And those are only the external variables!  Additional thanks to Debra for also providing the program for her senior prom (held at the fabled Grossinger's), which is also included.  Even if you have no connection to this class, their yearbook is worth a read for the glimpse of history it offers.  A whopping 185+ pages, in PDF format, for $4.00. 

 1969 Libertas of Liberty Central School, Liberty, NY


--Liberty Central School's Libertas yearbook for 1962 We can't really pick a year when Liberty shown at its brightest as a crown jewel of the famed Borscht Circuit, but it was certainly around this time.  The yearbook is in PDF format, 162+ pages.  Download it now for $4.75.

 Liberty, NY Libertas for 1962


--Liberty Central School's Libertas yearbook for 1960.  Certainly a glimpse of Liberty near its peak (sometimes you can judge this sort of thing by the number of pages in the yearbook).  This one is 156+ pages in length, including a new every-name index.  Download it now in PDF format is priced at $4.00. 

1960 Libertas Liberty Central School


--Liberty Central School's Libertas yearbook for 1959.  Liberty at its peak!  This is the class with which the principal partner of Between the Lakes Group would have graduated with, had he remained in Liberty, so for us this one is extra important.  133+ pages, in PDF format for $4.50. 

 Liberty Central School Libertas for 1959


--Liberty Central School's Libertas yearbook for 1957.  Liberty always produced a few people who turned out distinguished careers after high school, and this class -- another one to graduate when the Catskills were in their heyday, was no exception.  Always a favorite of ours, this yearbook now is available for download.  It's one is 114+ pages in length, and you can download it now in PDF format for $4.25. 

1957 Libertas yearbook of Liberty NY Central School  


--Liberty Central School's Libertas yearbook for 1958 Like the 1960 and 1962 Libertas issues, this one records Liberty at a time when things were pretty good and getting better.  The class pictured in this yearbook – their yearbook – was born on the eve of World War II, and had come of age at a time when Liberty, as one of the hubs of the “Borscht Circuit”, was still becoming more prosperous and successful – something that was not to last, however. Download it now, 134+ pages in PDF format, for $4.25

1958 Libertas yearbook of Liberty Central School, Liberty, NY


--Liberty High School's Libertas yearbook for 1956.  Good times in a small town in New York's Catskill Mountains, with few signs of where that community was headed half a century later.   130+ pages, in PDF format.  Download it now for $4.00

 Liberty High School Libertas for 1956


--Liberty High School's Libertas yearbook for 1955.  A solid yearbook, a good class, graduating at a good time to be starting adult life in a community that, at the time, seemed to have everything going for it.  One of our favorite yearbooks, and recommended.  122+ pages, in PDF format.  Download it now for $5.25.

 Libertas for 1955 - Liberty High School, Liberty, NY


--Liberty High School's Libertas yearbook for 1954.  As Liberty High School yearbooks go, this was a rather short one, more like 1953's than 1955.  However, it was a class that left its mark on the world in several respects, and, while brief, the book was complete in its coverage.   68+ pages, in PDF format.  Download it now for $4.00.

 Libertas yearbook for 1954, Liberty HS, Liberty, NY


--Liberty High School's Libertas yearbook for 1953.  Rather brief as yearbooks tended to be in the early 1950s.  This class was made of of children born in the Great Depression, and some of the thrifty qualities that era engendered are evident in their product.  Valuable as a transition into the more elaborate yearbooks of the years following as well as being a document of this class.  70+ pages, in PDF format.  Download it now for $4.00.

 Liberty HS Libertas for 1953


--Liberty High School's Libertas yearbook for 1941.  88+ pages, in PDF format.  Download this rarity now for $6.00.    

1941 Libertas of Liberty High School


(Three yearbooks in addition to these are available on the Memories of Liberty CD-ROMs)


--Gertrude Barber's compilation of the White Sulphur Springs Cemetery (circa 1930), 6+ pages. A typescript by a woman who spent her summers in the mountains transcribing cemeteries and church records, later typing them out and donating copies to libraries.  This is of use to anyone interested in genealogy in the White Sulphur Springs area.  PDF format, only $1.75 to download. 

White Sulphur Springs NY cemetery listing


--The History of Sullivan County National Bank.  50th Anniversary (1893 – 1943).  The Sullivan County National Bank was founded by a prominent local citizens, and the bank’s first president was one of the more enigmatic, A. J. D. Wedemeyer.  Wedemeyer gave his name to a local street (now Lincoln Place) but his name did not survive on that street long – by the time of World War I it had its new (and current) name.  The bank’s second headquarters was the Music Hall (properly known as the Wedemeyer building) at the corner of Main and Chestnut, but by 1895, Wedemeyer had resigned.  In 1899, the bank moved into its own building on the corner of Main and Law streets, next to the Methodist Church.  After the time covered by this history, the bank moved again, this time into the former O. E. Keller department store on North Main Street.  PDF format, 13+ pages, download now for $2.50.

 History of Sullivan County National Bank


--Baptist Cemetery, Parksville, Town of Liberty, Sullivan County, New York Collected by Gertrude Barber (circa 1930).  Parksville historically has been more connected to the Town of Rockland, to the north, and the Town of Neversink, to the east, than to the Town of Liberty, where it is actually located, at least in terms of family migration patterns.  Nonetheless, this cemetery is a possible location for a missing ancestor from any of these three towns.  Mrs. Barber, when collecting the cemetery circa 1930, noted that it was in “very bad condition”.  Our suspicion, on that basis, is that there is little of it that can be found or deciphered now, more than 80 years later.  Short though this listing is, we hope it will be helpful.  PDF format, 6+ pages, download now for $3.00.

 Baptist Cemetery, Parksville, NY


--Town of Liberty Sesquicentennial (1957).  The year of this anniversary celebration by the Town of Liberty found a township enjoying good economic health, the hub of a thriving resort industry.  The fifty odd years that have passed since then reveal that if this was not the peak of the Township’s prosperity, it was very close to it.  The fortunes of Sullivan County (and the Town of Liberty) have declined significantly since the optimistic days of the celebration this publication commemorates.  24+ pages, in PDF format, download now for $3.00.

 Town of Liberty, NY Sesquicentennial


We include the Village of Liberty as well as the hamlets that make up the Town of Liberty, past and present:  Parkville, Ferndale, Swan Lake, White Sulphur Springs, and Loomis -- even Red Brick); all these locales are part of the Town of Liberty. 


Liberty NY -- Memories, Volume 1












More information about Memories of Liberty, Volume 1

Memories of Liberty, Volume II


More information about Memories of Liberty, Volume 2

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While Liberty is our old home town, we are also the leading publisher of Sullivan County, NY historical material today.  Here are some of our other current Sullivan County offerings.
Check our Sullivan County local history page for more information about:

-- Hamilton Child's "Gazetteer and Business Directory of Sullivan County for 1872-73" -- includes a chapter about Liberty as well as a listing of families living there in 1872.

-- Quinlan's "History of Sullivan County" -- a whole major chapter about the history of Liberty from its beginnings up to 1872.

-- the "Old Neversink" CD 

-- the "Town of Fallsburgh" CD. 

--many Sullivan County downloads


Liberty, 12754, Sullivan County, New York

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Here's some big news for serious Liberty NY researchers.  The Liberty Public Library now has around a century of the Liberty Register online and it's free! We think that's great news!!  Check it out HERE. (But don't forget who sent you!)


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