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Liberty, New York History

Liberty, New York, as it appeared in August 2001

Does your personal history take you back to Liberty?

Ours does.  Back when we were preparing the Liberty CD-ROM we went back to Liberty to take a look around -- and spent two full days photographing the area as it appeared in the summer of 2001 -- yes, we know that's not exactly "today" -- in fact, it's now 15 years ago -- but it's pretty recent in Liberty's history

Digital photography permits one to take lots and lots of images, and here are a few of the best.  Click any of the samples below to see larger images. 

Walnut Mountain Across Swan Lake

Swan Lake, looking toward Walnut Mountain.  This is a view that Hillig also selected.

Mountain Drive-In Theatre, Liberty, New York

The Mountain Drive-In Theatre -- today

The former Nick's Falls Inn, Ferndale, Liberty Township, New York

Nick's Falls Inn -- today

Grant and Vuornos building, Liberty, New York 

Dr. Grant's and Dr. Vuornos' offices and residence -- today

  B. F. Green building seen from North Main Street 

The Green Building  -- today

  Liberty Park, also called Revonah Park

Revonah Park -- today, sadly.  

(Click on any of these photos to see an enlargement)


If you haven't been "back home" in several years, these photos may come as a bit of a surprise to you.  You might also be surprised if you've heard that Liberty had fallen on hard times.  In many ways it has, like most upstate New York communities.  But in many ways it looks like a community that has finally bottomed out and is on the way back up.  For example, Liberty now has a historic district, a museum, and, we all keep hoping, a resurgent Liberty Theatre. 

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