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Liberty High School 1919 Annual

Here every page of the original 1919 Liberty High School yearbook.  In it you will find people, places, military units from World War I service, local businesses, even occasionally causes of death. 

 Index of 1919 Liberty High School Yearbook to check the index right now.  Is an ancestor listed?  If they're not, consider taking a look anyway because of all of the other information about life in small-town America in 1919.

Purchase and download the 1919 Annual.  It's 101 pages, in PDF format, and is priced at $4.75:


Liberty HS Yearbook for 1919 - Liberty, New York

A word about yearbooks:

In 1919, high school yearbooks were just coming into existence.  Not every school produced them -- in fact, rather few did.  The 1919 annual was the very first yearbook ever produced by Liberty High School.  

At that time there wasn't a real formula.  This particular volume ambitiously attempts to bring up-to-date the careers of everyone who graduated from or attended Liberty High School beginning in 1894 -- where they went, whom they married, where they worked or went to college, their military service.  This is genealogical source material for a geographic area about which published genealogical material is sparse, yet was an area that many families moved through on their way "somewhere else". 

You simply don't see anything like that in high school yearbooks today.

We've completely indexed it.  Full names, localities, military outfits, colleges and universities, businesses, even causes of death when they appear in the annual. 

  Please Index to Liberty 1919 yearbook to see the Index!

A mystery:  If you're interested in the women's movement, or the development of sports in American high schools, here's a mystery for you.

In the 1919 yearbook there are two athletic teams:  girls' basketball and boys' basketball.  Each team received three pages of coverage.  33 years later, the 1952 Liberty High School yearbook reveals NO athletic teams for girls, but SIX teams for boys (football, basketball, baseball, track, wrestling, and golf).  Girls can now be cheerleaders.

What happened?  During years that saw cultural phenomena like the Flapper and Rosie the Riveter, women's sports at Liberty High School declined to the point where all girls could do was cheer the boys on.   

Go figure!!

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