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Here's what people are saying about the Liberty CD-ROMs:

(These are just a few of the totally unsolicited comments we've received so far about the "Memories of Liberty, NY"  CD-ROMs)

"...when we saw your CD...only spent 15 mins. so far...we were BOTH misty eyed..  What a beautiful part of the world to live in...what a beautiful time to be alive!  Thanks Geoff..will spend next few days ...slowly taking it all in again.."
"Lots of interesting stuff here. I didn't look at everything, but probably  3/4 of it. Some unique stuff, like the O&W remnants."
"Thanks for the CD... it's wonderful! I spent several hours looking (preliminarily) this morning and will go back to it again and again."
"When Thomas Wolfe said "You can't go home again" he was thinking of the universal hunger that we all have to revisit, to change something in our past. We all try but your Liberty CD brought the home of so many of us back to life and gave some piece of immortality to the people you pictured. "
"Thank You !!"
"I received the "Liberty, New York Memories" CD on Friday and looked at it quickly over the weekend.  So far I have found it very enjoyable and I will have to go over it much more slowly so that I can get more out of it."
"..how could anyone turn down a deal like this..."
"The CD is really nice.... I've sent the URL to several other people as well..."
"Thank you so much for producing this. It's obviously a labor of love."
"My husband's still at work, so I'm back in the CD. Geoff -- it's addictive!"
"Hi...just watched the cd...good job.."
"I just spent a bunch of time going through the CD and have a lot more to go  --- but I'm just thrilled with it."

"Superb. Exercising my legendary self control and keen sense of priorities, I lost (or was it "gained?") an hour at work today --beginning three minutes after the disk arrived -- surfing it."

"...thank you for that delightful summary of Liberty....Your work brought back many memories.....Thanks for making what must have been a supreme effort to collect all the data and photos.   If you do further work along this line, please let me know."
"It is certainly worth the price."
"Just a quick email to let you know I received Memories of Liberty and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through its contents. Keep up the good work."
"We received the "Liberty Memories" CD.  Thank you so much, it is terrific!" 
"Thank you, Geoff for the Liberty CD.  I have been enjoying it and I have even found some genealogical information on it that I did not have."

(The Liberty CD is no longer available -- much of the content is in the process of being offered as downloads -- but we wanted to show this so we can remember what once was.  After all, now even the Liberty CD-ROM is history!)

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