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Liberty, New York History

Liberty, NY through the years

What came before high school yearbooks?   

As far as we've been able to find, rather little.  One example is this rarity -- a 1906 "Souvenir"  from the neighboring Neversink, NY schools. (Hard to believe that high school yearbooks originated in this form, isn't it!) 

(Click on any of the samples below to see an enlargement)

Eugene Cross of Liberty, NY and Neversink, NY


Here are a few items of general memorabilia from Liberty.  


Stanley Schneider leads the Liberty High School band on parade  

The Liberty High School Band in the 1950s


  Hillig's Castle -- Liberty, New York 

Hillig's Castle


  William Mead Hotchkin

William Mead Hotchkin


Liberty, NY:  Mill Street and Main Street, circa 1900

Mill and Main Streets, circa 1900


Liberty fire: 1913

The 1913 Liberty fire


Clambake of the J. C. Young Hose Company

A clambake of the J. C. Young Hose Company

(with the hat and moustache:  Maurice Borden -- thanks to Donald and Joan Borden for this identification!)


Medical bill circa 1949

A medical bill, circa 1949


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