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Sullivan County History, Genealogy, and Americana.

Sullivan County is the location that we cover the most thoroughly.  Perhaps it's because the inherited portion of our own collection came from there, perhaps it's because one of our partners grew up there, and possibly it's because it's both a difficult place to research and, at the same time a fascinating one.  At any rate, this is our Sullivan County page, the portal to a real treasure trove of Sullivan County information. 

Take a few minutes and have a look around!  We've divided the material between townships, and lead off with a separate category for material that spans multiple townships or covers the county as a whole.

Sarah Ann Hotchkin Bonnell

Sullivan County, overall

Index of Sullivan County Wills before the 1909 Courthouse Fire, by Gertrude A. Barber.

This typescript compendium of Sullivan County wills between 1876 and 1909 is virtually essential for anyone doing Sullivan County genealogy in this period. The courthouse fire destroyed most of the county seat, Monticello, and the courthouse with it. 60+ pages, PDF format, download for $4.50 

Index of Sullivan County Wills   (Download)


Index of Intestate Estates of Sullivan County, NY, 1811 – 1909, Letters A - K, By Gertrude A. Barber

Gertrude Barber, erstwhile copyist of gravestones and church records in Sullivan County, also copied some records that had survived the Monticello fire of August 10, 1909 that destroyed many or most records.  One typescript document that survived, and which Mrs. Barber copied, was this one:  an index of intestate estates (persons who had died and left no will) – but for surnames beginning with A through K only.  We don’t know whether there was also an index of letters L through Z; this is all we could find in the New York Public Library when we copied it in the 1980s.  Information can be tantalizing sparse in this index but normally includes first and last name, may include date of death or date letters of administration were issued or both, may include township of residence, and in rare cases includes other information (such as a notation that one deceased had died in the infamous Andersonville Prison during  the Civil War.  For anyone involved in Sullivan County genealogy during this period, this index is essential, despite the limited information it contains.  Is more information available somewhere in Sullivan County?  Perhaps.  Some say it is; others say it is not.  If it exists, we’re not aware of it.  55+ pages, PDF format, download now for $4.00.

 Index of Intestate Estates    (Download)


Changing place names in Sullivan County. 

Incredibly useful in figuring out what things were called "back then".  We began this project more than 20 years ago while working on our own genealogy and we revise this continuously as we learn more about Sullivan County -- and as people tell us of other names that have changed over the years.  (FREE)


Index to Quinlan's  History of Sullivan County! 

There's no question what the authoritative history of Sullivan County from its beginnings until 1872 is; it's Quinlan!  We have provided something that the author left out:  we compiled a complete index to this CD-ROM edition.   (Download)


Child's Gazetteer and Business Directory for Sullivan County for 1872-73

Important history and demographics of each of the Sullivan County towns, now, for the first time, with a complete index, and on CD-ROM. While it may seem redundant to have both this volume and Quinlan's history, that's simply not the case.  Each contains different information, and both are essential if you are trying to unravel a Sullivan County pedigree.    (CD-ROM)


The Sullivan County chapter from French's Gazetteer of the State of New York (1860). 

French's is the authoritative gazetteer of New York State on the eve of the Civil War.  It's a great place to start studying the  history -- and genealogy -- of Sullivan County!  You will see traces of French's work in Child's Gazetteer, which we sell on CD-ROM.    (FREE)


Sullivan County in Mather & Brockett’s Geographical History of the State of New York (1848)

In the 1840s, New York was still a growing state – still frontier, in parts – and the authors of this volume attempted, with uneven results, to capture the geography and history of the state.  Sullivan County, which rated a scant four pages, was not very well treated, unfortunately.  However, we also include in this publication the section on land grants and patents state-wide due to their importance in the state’s history.  Those who wonder where some of the more unusual spellings of Sullivan locations may have originated will find at least some clues in this chapter.  “Nevisink”, “Wurtzborough”, and “Collicoon” are all found in this chapter, which is, due to its early date, an important part of the historical record.  4++ pages, in PDF format, download now for $2.00.

 Sullivan County in Mather & Brockett (1848)      (Download)


Five Small Cemeteries in Sullivan County, NY, by Gertrude A. Barber (1930)

Here are five small cemeteries Mrs. Barber collected in 1930 and provided to a few libraries as a typescript:  Forestburg Cemetery, located in the hamlet of Forestburg, in Forestburg Township; Fosterdale Cemetery, in the hamlet of Fosterdale, in Cochecton Township; and the Kiersted, Swan, and Union cemeteries, in the hamlet of Mongaup Valley, Town of Bethel.  All are in the southwestern quadrant of the county.  18+ pages, in PDF format, download now for $3.00.

5 small Sullivan County cemeteries    (Download)


Frances J. Knapp's 103 Years; A Brief History of the Development of Sullivan County 1837-1939. 

An important summary of county history, and not the history one expects to read of Sullivan County, seen through the life of a lifelong Sullivan County resident.   36 pages, PDF format, download now, $5.00   

Development of Sullivan County    (Download)


The Historic Chapin Estate in Sullivan County, NY. (1929). 

Never heard of the Chapin estate?  Neither had we, and we grew up in Sullivan County!  Little did we know what was just over the next hill!  This appears to have been a sales brochure for this spectacular chunk of real estate only around 80 miles from New York City.  A herd of elk?  Yes, a herd of elk.  14+ oversized pages, lots of photos, PDF format. $3.00 

The Chapin Estate in Sullivan County, NY     (Download)


The 143rd Regiment, New York Volunteers, Infantry (1892). 

This is the history of the "Sullivan County Regiment" -- a well-respected Civil War outfit, largely populated with Sullivan County boys.  Includes rosters and other individual information. 32+ pages, PDF format.  $3.50. 

143rd Regiment, the Sullivan County Regiment      (Download)


Three Court Calendars of the Sullivan County Court.

July 1893 term, June 1899 term, and January 1904 term.   To us these are quite novel.  Although they were obviously very familiar to practicing attorneys a century and more ago, we have not encountered other specimens of similar material.  Information includes the attorneys in the county were at that time (they’re listed),  the county officers  (likewise listed), and, interestingly, the grand jurors and the trial jurors for the term are listed too.  It specifies which cases would be heard, and approximately upon what date.  Among the litigants, we say some familiar names, including a raillroad that was never completed – the Liberty and Jeffersonville Electric Railway – suggesting that without even operating it succeeded in running afoul of some people (the investors, perhaps?).  Regardless of its historical value, it’s fascinating to look at these relics of a judicial system that is now transformed into a far different animal.  42 pages, in PDF format, $4.00


Our World -- Yearbook of Sullivan County Community College for 1977

Sullivan County Community College came to Sullivan County amid high hopes.  Area students desiring the community college alternative had generally been attending Orange County Community College, in Middletown, until SCCC opened.  At the time the college was planned it was felt that the local resort industry represented a ready employment market for its graduates, whether in Hotel Science or in one of the other majors the new college would offer.  After all, it was felt, the Borscht Circuit resorts were like small cities in themselves, and not only would the training specific to the hospitality industry be in hot demand, but virtually any other major would find a home at the hotels.  The full page letter to graduates from the Concord Hotel shows what the hopes had been. 


Sadly, by the time the class of 1977 graduated, the hotel industry in the county was well past its peak.  Virtually all of the summer hotels were gone, and many of the larger year-round hotels were on shaky footing.  The famous Woodstock Festival had taken place a decade earlier in nearby Bethel.  The villages were deteriorating.  Remaining resorts were being repurposed as religious institutions.  The dream of a casino to save the county’s economy was continuing to cycle through bright aspirations and dashed hopes.  It must have been an interesting time to receive an Associates Degree in Sullivan County.  64+ pages, in PDF format, download now for $3.50.

 "Our World" yearbook of Sullivan County Community College for 1977


Links to websites with major Sullivan County content. 

Sometimes the search engines just don't do the job, or at least the whole job.  We've collected a surprisingly large number of websites that seem to have fallen through the cracks.     (FREE)


The Descendants of Noah Cross and Rachel Osterhout 

Cross - New York State - 1775 - 1975.   Genealogy of this Dutch/English family centered in Ulster and Sullivan counties.  See our Cross family page for more information.    (Download)


Links to genealogy sites with a strong Sullivan County connection.

There aren't a whole lot of these, but there's no point in missing those that there are!  If you find more be sure to let us know so we can list them!    (FREE)


The Indians by Abraham G. Bevier (1846) 

The full title of this work is “The Indians, or, Narratives of Massacres and Depredations of the Frontier, in Wawasink and its vicinity, during the American Revolution, by a Descendant of the Hugenots.”  It will surprise few that this short volume offends modern sensibilities.  There are very distinct good guys and bad guys in the author’s scheme of things, and while the rare mention of a good deed by a bad guy is here, far more common is the excusal of less-than-good-guy behavior by the ostensible good guys as the sort of thing that, well, good guys just sort of do, and that it is actually moderately humorous that they do it.  It does take some getting used to.  Nonetheless, to have a real sense of how people in the 1840s viewed their cultural history, one needs to understand the mindsets of the people of the 1840, as well as the mindsets of those who lived before them who passed along the facts and legends of their own forbears. 

As well as views of the Indians that would be unpopular with most today, the author adds some material on treatment of the Tories after the Revolutionary War.  While some may be encouraged that the treatment of Tories was not much more humane than treatment of the Indians had been, the author’s prognostication that the ill feeling toward Tories would have completely faded away in a few years from the time he wrote the book, the Publisher recalls his own grandfather, born in Neversink, NY in 1872, referring to a neighborhood in Neversink as a “nest of Tories” as late as the early 1950s.  Predjudice indeed suffers a long and difficult death.  See our Ulster County page for more information.


Callicoon, Delaware, Fremont Townships

The Callicoon Historian,

by J. S. Graham (1892). Not many histories out there of the Callicoon end of Sullivan County.   CLICK HERE for more information.     (Download)


Three Jeffersonville Cemeteries

Collected by Gertrude Barber (1930): 1.  Lutheran Cemetery, 2.  Presbyterian Cemetery, 3.  Methodist Cemetery. Click here for more information.     (Download)


History of the Franciscans at Callicoon, NY.

The story of St. Joseph's Seminary as well as the Catholic parishes of Western Sullivan County the seminary supported in its heyday.  CLICK HERE for more information.     (Download)


The Town of Fremont,

by Charles S. Hick (1951). History and local color of this township.  CLICK HERE for more information.


Methodist Churches of the Long Eddy Charge (1953). 

Includes information about the Methodist churches at Goulds, French Woods, Pea Brook, Long Eddy, and Rock Valley (both Sullivan and Delaware counties).  CLICK HERE for more information.


The Old Youngsville Cemetery

Gravestone inscriptions collected by Gertrude Barber (1929).  CLICK HERE for more information.     (Download)


Youngsville Cemetery and Old Mouthrop Cemetery in Kenoza Lake

Gravestone inscriptions collected by Gertrude Barber (1930).     CLICK HERE for more information.     (Download)


Douglas, the Delaware Valley City,

by Arthur N. Meyers (1969).  A lost community in Sullivan County.  CLICK HERE for more information.    (Download)


Fallsburgh Township

The "Fallsburgh" CD-ROM

This one is all about the Town of Fallsburgh and its villages, from Mountaindale to Loch Sheldrake to South Fallsburg and everything in between.  Contents include church and cemetery records, and other material.  CLICK HERE for more information.  (CD-ROM)


Records of the Bridgeville Circuit of the Methodist Church

While these records are mainly about Town of Thompson locations, also included are Glen Wild and Mountaindale records.  Note that these records in this download are not included on the Fallsburgh CD-ROM.  Collected by Gertrude Barber in 1929.  42+ pages, in PDF format, download now for $3.00.

 Bridgeville Circuit Methodist Records


Records of the Methodist Episcopal Charges of Fallsburgh, South Fallsburgh, Neversink, and Hurleyville

These records appear on the Fallsburgh CD-ROM (see above), but we also offer them as a separate download.  Please CLICK HERE to go directly to that page.


Liberty Township

Methodist Episcopal Church Records:  Swan Lake, White Sulphur Spring, Harris Circuit.  

This compiilation of church records for the circuit was done by Gertrude Barber circa 1929 and is an important source for genealogy and family history.  See our Liberty page for more information. (Download)


The Liberty Centennial Book

The Town of Liberty celebrated its centennial in 1907 and this book served as both a chronicle of those 100 years and a program for the celebration itself.  There are many pictures in it, many familiar but some not usually seen elsewhere, particularly the photos of the residences and the leading citizens.  See our Liberty page for more information. (Download)


History of the Liberty Fire Department

This includes  the J. C. Young Hose Company By-Laws.  What was no doubt intended simply as a departmental history turned out to be a perspective on the history of the entire community!  Worth reading whether you have an interest in firetrucks or not, we think.  See our Liberty page for more information. (Download)


Swan Lake Cemetery. 

This small cemetery was recorded by Gertrude Barber circa 1929.  It's a small listing -- only five pages of actual lists of gravestones -- but of great interest if you had family in Swan Lake (originally known as Stevensville, just to complicate things a little bit).  See our Liberty page for more information. (Download)


Baptist Church Records of Liberty and Parksville (1929)

Gertrude Barber collected from many different sources during her two summers concentrating on the Liberty area, and the Baptist Church that was originally two churches, one in Liberty and the other in Parksville, was one of these.  Vital if you had Baptist ancestors in the area and useful for historical information in any case.  We have provided an index as well.  See our Liberty page for more information. (Download)


The 1919 Annual of Liberty High School

The very first yearbook of Liberty High School. Don't miss this one!  See our page about this yearbook for more information.     (Download)


The 1941 Libertas of Liberty High School

yearbook of Liberty High School. The last yearbook before World War II -- definitely worth a look!  See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


The 1942 Libertas of Liberty High School

A wartime yearbook that includes grades 7 through 12, and well worth a look.  See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


The 1952 Libertas of Liberty High School

Another brief yearbook typical of the early 1950s.  See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


The 1953 Libertas of Liberty High School

Valuable as a transition into the more elaborate yearbooks of the years following as well as being a document of this class.   See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Liberty High School's Libertas yearbook for 1954. 

As Liberty High School yearbooks go, this was a rather short one.  But this class that left its mark on the world in several respects.  See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Liberty High School's Libertas yearbook for 1955 

A solid yearbook, a good class, graduating at a good time to be starting adult life in a community that, at the time, seemed to have everything going for it.   See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Liberty High School's Libertas yearbook for 195

Another good yearbook from what was then a prosperous, growing community.  See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Liberty Central School's 1957 Libertas yearbook

The class pictured in this yearbook was born before World War II was a reality for most Americans, and graduated high school when Liberty was still a prosperous hub of the Catskills resort area.   See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Liberty Central School's 1958 Libertas yearbook

Like the 1960 and 1962 Libertas issues, this one records Liberty at a time when things were pretty good and getting better.  The class pictured in this yearbook – their yearbook – was born on the eve of World War II, and had come of age at a time when Liberty, as one of the hubs of the “Borscht Circuit”, was still becoming more prosperous, famous and successful – something that was not to last, however. See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Liberty Central School's Libertas yearbook for 1959

This is the class with which the Principal Partner of Between the Lakes Group would have graduated, had he remained in Liberty, so this one MUST be good!  Liberty at its peak!  See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


The 1960 Libertas

yearbook of Liberty Central School - Liberty in the good years.  See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Liberty Central School's Libertas yearbook for 1962

We can't really pick a year when Liberty shown at its brightest as a crown jewel of the famed Borscht Circuit, but it was certainly around this time. See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Liberty Central School's Libertas yearbook for 1969

If there was a yearbook that reflects the social change in society better than this one does, we've not seen it.  We're grateful to Debra Conway for the loan of her copy for this project.  See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Free Methodist Church Records, Ferndale, New York.

Collected by Audrey Barber (1929).  This short compilation also includes the extant records of the Briscoe Circuit of the Free Methodist Church, which included Egypt and Beaver Brook.  See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Gertrude Barber's compilation of the Old Liberty Cemetery

(1929 - 1930), 65 pages.  This typescript of the Old Liberty Cemetery (the portion of the current cemetery that is south of Cemetary Road) is essential for anyone doing genealogical or family history research in the Town of Liberty.  While there were several smaller cemeteries in the town, this was "the big one" and contains surnames more associated with hamlets of Liberty as well as for surrounding townships, notably Neversink.  We have compiled an index of this document, which is included.  See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Gertrude Barber's compilation of the White Sulphur Springs Cemetery

(circa 1930), 6+ pages. A typescript by a woman who spent her summers in the mountains transcribing cemeteries and church records, later typing them out and donating copies to libraries.  This is of use to anyone interested in genealogy in the White Sulphur Springs area. See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


Gertrude Barber's compilation of the Fulton-Fraser Cemetery in Ferndale  (circa 1929 -1930), 14 pages. Another typescript cemetery compilation by Gertrude Barber.  We do not know the current status of this cemetery, or even where in Ferndale it is (or was?) located.  See our Liberty page for more information.   (Download)


The History of Sullivan County National Bank

50th Anniversary (1893 – 1943).  The bank’s second headquarters was the Music Hall (properly known as the Wedemeyer building) at the corner of Main and Chestnut Streets. In 1899, the bank moved into its own building on the corner of Main and Law streets, next to the Methodist Church.  After the time covered by this history, the bank moved again, this time into the former O. E. Keller department store on North Main Street.   See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


The family Bible of William Bonell

Usually the surname is spelled Bonnell, or Bunnell, but it's the same family.  William was a miller in Liberty (Mill Street was the location of his mill), and his family origins were cloudy at best.  He appears to have come from Goshen, CT, and you may be able to discover more in these high resolution scans of his family Bible.  Daniel Reynolds Bonnell, who is believed to be his son, was always very guarded about his ancestry.  Amid the scribbles, the link to his ancestry may lie.  This is an active project in our "sandbox".    (FREE) 


Baptist Cemetery, Parksville, Town of Liberty, Sullivan County, New York

Collected by Gertrude Barber (circa 1930).  Parksville historically has been more connected to the Town of Rockland, to the north, and the Town of Neversink, to the east, than to the Town of Liberty, where it is actually located, at least in terms of family migration patterns.  Nonetheless, this cemetery is a possible location for a missing ancestor from any of these three towns.  Mrs. Barber, when collecting the cemetery circa 1930, noted that it was in “very bad condition”.  Our suspicion, on that basis, is that there is little of it that can be found or deciphered now, more than 80 years later.  Short though this listing is, we hope it will be helpful. See our Liberty page for more information.     (Download)


--Town of Liberty Sesquicentennial (1957). 

The year of this anniversary celebration by the Town of Liberty found a township enjoying good economic health, the hub of a thriving resort industry.  The fifty odd years that have passed since then reveal that if this was not the peak of the Township’s prosperity, it was very close to it.  The fortunes of Sullivan County (and the Town of Liberty) have declined significantly since the optimistic days of the celebration this publication commemorates.  See our Liberty page for more information.   (Download)

Rockland and Neversink Townships

The Grahamsville Fair:  Souvenir Booklet (1912). 

This rural country fair in the Town of Neversink is still running annually and still worth visiting, as thousands do, but this century-old catalog of the fair is very rare.  Lots of fascinating ads from the period, including many that seem to represent the agricultural sector in a way other publications of the period do not. 36+ pages, PDF format, download for  $3.75       (Download)

The Grahamsville Fair, Sullivan County, NY


The "Old Neversink" CD-ROM

This CD, about the Town of Neversink, is our all-time best seller!  What more need we say!    (CD-ROM)


Methodist Cemetery, Livingston Manor, New York,

gravestone inscriptions collected by Gertrude Barber (circa 1930).  Anyone with family history in the Town of Rockland needs this.  It's a facsimile of Mrs. Barber's original typescript. 8+ pages, PDF format.  $1.75      (Download)

Methodist Cemetery, Livingston Manor, NY


Presbyterian Cemetery, Livingston Manor

gravestone inscriptions collected by Gertrude Barber (circa 1930).  Anyone with family history in the Town of Rockland needs this and the companion article on the Methodist Cemetery.  This is a facsimile of Mrs. Barber's original typescript. 8+ pages, PDF format.  $2.00       (Download)

 Presbyterian Cemetery, Livingston Manor, NY


Four Roscoe Cemeteries

Gravestone inscriptions collected (1934) by Gertrude Barber (1934) for the following: 1.  Westfield Flats Cemetery (adj. Presbyterian Church), 2.  Westfield Flats Cemetery, 3.  Cemetery on the road to Binghamton, 4.  Riverview Cemetery.  Note:  Roscoe, located on the northernmost tip of Sullivan County, was for many years known as Westfield Flats, and is also sometimes called Rockland – some would say that Roscoe and Rockland are two separate villages.  29+ pages, PDF format, download now for $3.50.      (Download)

 Four Roscoe, NY cemeteries


Grahamsville Reformed Dutch Church Records (1929).

Transcribed by Gertrude Barber, and vital for anyone pursuing genealogy in this Town of Neversink community. Like most church records, includes baptisms, marriages, funerals, and lists of church membership.   See our Neversink page for more information.      (Download)


Grahamsville Reformed Dutch Cemetery

Gertrude Barber's transcription (1934) of this cemetery  is an important record of the Town of Neversink.  Those familiar with the history of the area will find most of the familiar names represented; this is an important accompaniment to the records of that church.  See our Neversink page for more information.      (Download)


Records of the Methodist Episcopal Charges of Fallsburgh, South Fallsburgh, Neversink, and Hurleyville

These records appear on the Fallsburgh CD-ROM, but we also offer them as a separate download of particular interest to those researching in Neversink. They do NOT appear on the Neversink CD-ROM.  Please CLICK HERE to go directly to that page.


Thompson Township

Records of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Monticello, New York

Compiled by Gertrude A. Barber (1929).  Of the Sullivan County church records we publish, this is by some margin the largest and most complete, including, for example, a church history – uncommon among these compilations.  Baptisms begin in 1861 and continue through 1910.  Marriages begin in 1864 and continue through 1906.   See our Monticello page for more information.     (Download)


Rock Ridge Cemetery

located near Monticello, New York, gravestone inscriptions collected by Gertrude Barber (circa 1930).  See our Monticello page for more information.     (Download)


Records of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Rock Hill, Sullivan County, New York

Compiled by Gertrude A. Barber (1929).   This record includes baptism from 1884 to 1892, and marriages from 1883 to 1893.  There is a membership list, perhaps a combination of several such lists, bearing dates of as early as 1867 and as late as 1906, although most dates are in the mid 1880s. See our Monticello page for more information.     (Download)


Monticello NY Sesquicentennial (1804 - 1954)

The unsung author of this history was one Alice G. Mapes.  We do not know what her official role was – whether she was a town or village officer, or whether she was just someone who stepped up to the task of collecting and organizing the very considerable amount of material in this history.  Looking back more than half a century later, it is apparent that there were other historians involved, and these were the advertisers and the participants in the sesquicentennial festivities – by their participation, whether personal or financial, they wrote their names and the names of their businesses in the history of Monticello.  See our Monticello page for more information.      (Download)


Presbyterian Church, Monticello, New York, Centennial (1909).  

See our Monticello page for more information about this church and community history of Monticello, the county seat.     (Download)


Old St. John’s Cemetery, Monticello.

Collected by Gertrude Barber (1930).  When Mrs. Barber collected this cemetery in 1930, she noted that it was to the rear of what was then the present St. John’s Church Cemetery, and that while the current cemetery was being maintained by that Episcopal congregation, the section she calls the “Old St. John’s Cemetery” and is collected here was not being maintained at all.  See our Monticello page for more information.     (Download)


Records of the Bridgeville Circuit of the Methodist Church

The Bridgeville circuit of the Methodist Church included churches at Bridgeville, Thompsonville (records for this one are unfortunately lost), Rock Hill, Glen Wild, and Mountaindale, although over the years the small churches covered appear to have changed. See our Monticello page for more information.     (Download)


The Apology Of Monticello High School, Monticello, NY, for June 1930

(Volume 11, Number 4).  This is a combination of school newspaper and literary magazine with a decent amount of humor thrown in for good measure.  We think it's worth a few minutes of your time, particularly if you have any connections with Monticello or Sullivan County that relate to this time period. See our Monticello page for more information.     (Download)


Cochecton, Mamakating, Forestburgh, Lumberland, Highland, Bethel and Tusten Townships

Lumberland Bicentennial History

Town of Lumberland, Sullivan County, New York  (1776 - 1976).  Many towns prepared histories around the time of the nation’s bicentennial, and this was one.  The booklet’s full title is “1776 – Town of Lumberland Welcomes You this Bicentennial Year – 1976”.  It’s a nice job, and there is little fluff in its 30+ pages – no ads that run up the page count but add little to the historical record.  The photos included reproduced well, considering the technology of the period, and some look better in the scans than they did in the original document.  We were pleased to see that the written history here recognizes the significant historical events and doesn’t wander off into legend.  All in all, a vital source for anyone interested in the history of Lumberland, and important for those with an interest in Revolutionary war history, and the history of canals and suspension bridges.

 Lumberland Bicentennial History


Cushetunk Bicentennial

This program, for the bicentennial of the Town of Cochecton, was produced in 1954 and is a worthwhile addition to the literature of this section of the Delaware Valley.  Sections, in addition to the program, committees, etc., include the Newburgh-Cochecton Turnpike, Indians of Cushetunk, the old red house at Milanville, churches and schools, settlement of Cushetunk, Station Rock, communities of the area (note that nearby Pennsylvania locales are included), the Hon. James Clark Curtis, Cushetunk's people and progress, early settler families, Capt. Joseph Ross, the first Callicoon settler, and historic events, as well as many, many advertisements by area businesses and individuals.  58+ pages, in PDF format, download now for $4.50.

 Cushetunk Bicentennial - Cochecton, NY


El Dorado for 1941 - the Yearbook of Eldred Central School.

The class pictured in this yearbook graduated on the eve of World War II, and had come of age at a time when Eldred, like virtually all of the United States, was mired in the Great Depression.  Interestingly, this yearbook staff was thoughtful enough to compile a listing of Eldred Central School alumni – a traditional part of high school yearbooks a decade and more before this one, but seldom seen since.  48++ pages, in PDF format, download now for $3.50.

 Eldred Central School El Dorado for 1941


Eldred High School - Commencement Program - 1938

We came across this four page bit of ephemera recently and decided that it would be of interest to few, but that those few really ought to be able to have it.  This was, coincidentally, the 10th annual commencement of Eldred High School.  4+ pages, in PDF format.  Free download.

Eldred High School 1938 Commencement program


Stanton (also called Centennial) Cemetery, Wurtsboro, NY (1929).

Gravestone inscriptions collected by Gertrude Barber, essential for Town of Mamakating history and genealogy.  See our Wurtsboro/Town of Mamakating page for more information.     (Download)


Wurtsboro: Two Cemeteries

Gonsalus Cemetery and Sylvan Cemetery (formerly Kings Highway Cemetery) -- Wurtsboro, Sullivan County, NY.  Collected by Gertrude Barber (1930).   These two cemeteries, both collected in 1930, were her second and third in Wurtsboro (the first, collected the previous summer, was the Stanton Cemetery, is also available as a download).  See our Wurtsboro/Town of Mamakating page for more information.     (Download)


Poplar Grove Cemetery

Philipsport, Town of Mamakating, Sullivan County, New York.  Collected by Gertrude Barber.  There are two reasons for which this compilation may be especially useful.  First, the cemetery is located near the old D&H Canal, and thus likely includes graves related to that entity.  Second, the cemetery is on Route 209 just after entering Sullivan County from Ulster County, so proximity to Ulster County may reveal some “missing” Ulster County burials.  As Mrs. Barber notes, the cemetery serves as a proxy for the missing records of the Phillipsburg Methodist Church, destroyed by fire. See our Wurtsboro/Town of Mamakating page for more information.      (Download)


New Vernon Cemetery (1930)

Also known as the Old School Baptist Cemetery, Town of Mamakating, Sullivan County, New York. Collected by Gertrude Barber (1930).  See our Wurtsboro/Town of Mamakating page for more information.     (Download)


Westbrookville Cemeteries

Town of Mamakating, Sullivan County, New York, Collected by Gertrude Barber (1934).  Westbrookville (erroneously called West Brookville by the compiler; the hamlet was named for the Westbrook family, an old Dutch name found in Ulster County and the Hudson Valley in general) is located very close to the Orange County/Sullivan County line.  Included in this compilation are two cemeteries:  the Westbrookville Cemetery, and another cemetery in the Westbrookville area, which the compiler describes only as an “old, deserted cemetery”.  See our Wurtsboro/Town of Mamakating page for more information.     (Download)


Records of the Barryville Congregational Church

Town of Highland, Sullivan County, New York.  Collected by Gertrude Barber (1929 - 1931).  While one thinks today of Congregational churches as mainly being a New England institution, they are also found, even today, where New England families migrated.  It’s likely that the Barryville church was one such.  The church records consist of a narrative history, a history of officers and pastors, a few baptisms, and three rolls of members.  These membership rolls often contain information of interest to the genealogist, such as years of death and comings and goings of parishioners.  Interestingly, particularly for a transcription as short as this one is, there is also an index. 18+ pages, PDF format, download now for $3.50.

 Barryville Congregational Church Records


First Presbyterian Church of Lake Huntington records

Gertrude Barber's 1929 collection of the records of this congregation are now available for download.  Please see our Callicoon Historian page (even though Lake Huntington is in the Town of Cochecton) for more information. 

For the Town of Highland, we're delighted to recommend the work one of our good customers, Louise Smith, has done and continues to do with local and family history.  If the Town of Highland in general, and Eldred (originally Halfway Brook) in particular, is of interest to you, we urge you to visit her blog and bookstore, at www.halfwaybrook.comYou can read about how she made use of our publications in her own words here.


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