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Lots of history leaves here every day in electronic form, and only occasionally do we find out what use our customers made of it.  Here's a wonderful letter we received recently from one of them.  We're providing it here pretty much verbatim for two reasons:

1. Because it's a great letter and it makes us feel really good to hear from satisfied customers, and

2. Because it helps show the kinds of use that our customers can make of history from Between the Lakes Group -- we hope that Mrs. Smith's experience and words will embolden other customers to work on compiling and perhaps publishing their own histories.

Here's the letter:

My name is Louise (Austin) Smith and I had an enjoyable conversation with Geoff Brown on the phone, probably around 2008.  My husband purchased the Sullivan County Gazetteer and Quinlan's Sullivan County CDs from Between the Lakes, for me in 2008 or 2009.  

Both CD's were a basis (along with John W. Johnston's Reminiscences and much saved family info, including some mid-1840s and 1860s letters) for my book, The Mill on Halfway Brook, Stories of Families Who Settled Near Halfway Brook in the Town of Highland, New York, 1800–1880—the first book in my series, Memoirs from Eldred, New York, 1800–1950. 

My second book in the series, Echo Hill and Mountain Grove, covered the change from lumbering to boarding houses as a means of livelihood, in the Town of Highland, New York, 1880–1920. (Echo Hill Farm House was run by my great-grandparents, and Mountain Grove House was run by my Austin grandparents.) 

Hopefully, within two weeks, Farewell to Eldred, Stories of Families and Boarding Houses in the Town of Highland, New York, 1920–1950, the third and final book in the series will be available. 

In the bibliography for all three books I have included Between the Lakes' website as a source for old books on CD. Your website is also included on the list of resources on my site: halfwaybrook.com. 

I started writing about my Leavenworth and Austin grandparents who I never met, and I ended up writing about a whole town.

It might be of interest to you that I live in Cave Creek, AZ, but my books are about Eldred (Halfway Brook Village at one time) New York, Town of Highland, Sullivan County, New York (where some of my dad's ancestors settled as early as 1811). I could never have written the basic history of the area without the CD's purchased from Between the Lakes. Thank you so much for all the work you have done (especially the redo of indexes!!) to help promote the history of the area. I thought you might enjoy reading how useful they were to me. 

You might also like to know that the free download of the 1938 Eldred High School Commencement Program was of interest to me. I was glad to see that I did have the correct names in this third book, as for most years I list the Eldred High Seniors. 

Thank you and Best Regards, 

Louise Elizabeth Smith





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