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Sullivan County, NY History

Several years ago, we re-published a real classic,

Sullivan County, New York

Since then, several free downloads of that volume have become available.  If one of them meets your needs, please Google the title and select the one you need.

However, we decided that in many respects our reproduction was more useful than the versions available for download, so we decided to continue to make it available -- guessing that people would be willing to pay a bit for the quality of our version and the supplemental materials we offer with it. 

There is one problem with Quinlan's History.  It has no index.  Of course, creating indexes was as difficult and time-consuming back when Quinlan wrote his history as it is today, so we cannot fault him for omitting it  However, its absence is a lasting defect.  We decided that we could add value, so we indexed it ourselves.  And we added additonal finding aids as ell.

That's right!  We at Between the Lakes Group did the indexing job that the author skipped, and if it meets your needs (you'll still need one of those free downloads we described above)  you can download it here for $2.50.

Click below to download just the index to Quinlan's History:


HOWEVER:  we also decided that a package including our high quality scans of the Quinlan book, PLUS the index, PLUS additional finding aids was still worth offering.  Please CLICK HERE to go to the page where that's offered.



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