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Friends of the Beckley Furnace

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Beckley Furnace as seen today


East Canaan #2 (also known as Beckley Furnace) seen from across Blackberry River in July 2003


Blackberry River Walk 2003 pictures to see the photos from Blackberry River Walk 2003!  (a great day!).


Beckley Furnace photos to see some pictures taken at Beckley Furnace on July 5 and July 25, 2003.  Included are some interior pictures of the former plant office, open to the public July 5 for the first time.

Chronology of Beckley Furnace to see the Chronology of Beckley Furnace and the East Canaan iron industry.

Topographic maps of the Beckley Furnace area to see historic topographic maps of the Beckley Furnace area.

To our historic iron industry page to return to Between the Lakes Group's  Iron Industry page -- including information about the Barnum and Richardson Company, owners of Beckley Furnace in its heyday.

Connecticut DEP pages about Beckley Furnace to go to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection's pages about the Beckley Furnace.  DEP's partnership with the FOBF is essential to continued preservation and development of Beckley Furnace and the surrounding area.

ironfurnaces.com to see Wikipedia's entry on iron furnaces, at www.ironfurnaces.com -- and links to useful material not only on Beckley Furnace and other furnaces in our area, but elsewhere as well.

Falls Village - Canaan Historical Society -- click to view the Historical Society page.

Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage Area -- click to visit the Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage Area website.

Between the Lakes Group is a business member and active participant in FOBF.   We are personally involved as volunteers in the programs of FOBF, as you can also be.  We urge you to join us in supporting the Friends of Beckley Furnace and their work in behalf of Connecticut's only designated Industrial Monument.  

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