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About Between the Lakes Group

We're a small business that makes history more accessible -- and interesting!  Thanks for visiting us!

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About Between the Lakes Group

Between the Lakes Group was founded in 1999.

We're located in Taconic, Salisbury Township, Litchfield County, Connecticut.  

Our primary business is publishing historical materials

Our motto is: "We Help"

Our customers...

include genealogists, family and local historians, students, teachers, libraries, historical societies, schools and universities -- AND lots of ordinary people who want to know more about the history of places we cover and discover clues about the people who lived there.  Read what one customer told us HERE.

Geoff Brown

We publish and sell historical and genealogical information.

In 1999, Between the Lakes Group ceased to be a hobby -- one of collecting historical materials and doing genealogical research that had already spanned more than 20 years -- and became a business.  Several factors came together to permit this transformation, not the least of which was early retirement from New York's financial community by our Principal Partner, Geoff Brown. 

Other factors were equally important: Judith Sherman (long-suffering wife of the Principal Partner and a partner in the business as well) had recently earned an MA in History from Hunter College in New York and had done ground-breaking research in colonial history of the Northwest Corner of Connecticut.  The passing of parents with interests in history resulted in a huge amount of historical and genealogical material coming into our possession.  The internet and the personal computer had matured to the point where a "virtual business" like ours was something more than a possibility for a distant future.  In that combination of circumstances our business was born.

Since that time, and the publication of our first CD-ROM -- Memories of Liberty, Volume I -- we've gone quite a way past  materials  from an attic and several bookshelves in an old Victorian house in the small community of Liberty, New York -- technology has progressed greatly, and we've learned a lot as well.  This website has grown, we've moved past CD-ROMs to add downloads to the media in which we publish, and we've continued to collect a vast quantity of history, genealogy, and Americana.  A small amount of it's been transformed into the  publications you can see on our catalog

And we're always looking at the future, too.  Take a look at our "sandbox" for an idea what's coming at Between the Lakes Group!

You might find our thoughts about being in the publishing business in the first years of the 21st century interesting -- if so, please read them hereIf you happen to be curious about just who we are in person, here's a recent photo of our principal partner

Geoffrey Brown

If you're still curious, you can: 

View Geoffrey Brown's profile on LinkedIn 

 or see his profile  or, if you'd like, read a short biography of him here.


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