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 Maine history and genealogy

We own a number of Maine titles and will be publishing them over the next months and years.  As well, we continue to actively acquire Maine material, so this list is likely to grow. 
Maine Publications that are CURRENTLY AVAILABLE:
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Historic Hampden


A pageant marking the 150th anniversary of incorporation of this town (1944).  Please see our page about Hampden for more information.


Maine State Prison Report for 1907.

This is available as a download and includes our new index.  The new index is also available for your online use.  Maine State Prison Report for 1907 for more information.


Semi-Annual Register of Magistrates of the State of  Maine  1890 - 1899


Those researching families who have members listed, whether as a trial justice, or a justice of the peace, or a notary, will find this document useful in proving the ancestorís years of service.  It may also be useful to those trying to date or to determine authenticity of court documents from Maine courts during this period.  It is certainly a useful background document for any with an interest in administration of justice in Maine during that period.  In the interest of completeness, we have scanned and included all pages in all the individual booklets for this period, including blank pages.   250+ pages (including blanks), in PDF format, download now for $4.50.

 Magistrates of Maine 1890 - 1899


History of Garland, Maine. 

by Lyndon Oak.  415 pages, including an index; published in 1912.  This is a very complete history of this Penobscot County town, written by a resident who was also a State legislator.  It's very readable, yet filled with details and names.  It is now available as a download.

Please History of Garland, Maine for more information!


Westbrook, Maine: Resident and Business Directory for 1888. 

136 pages.  This directory, by Emmons and Bonser, is a fine directory of a Cumberland County community that has changed much between the date of publication and the present.  Please Westbrook, Maine Directory for 1888 for more information!


Norway, Maine, Sesquicentennial Souvenir Program (1936)

This item also includes s brief town history and  survey of the town's institutions, as well as a complete list of the committee members for the celebration.  Several pages of advertisements of local businesses as well, and some photographs.  32+ pages, PDF format, $3.00

 Norway, ME Sesquicentennial


Town of Kennebunk, Maine, Annual Report for 1921-22

Town annual reports are useful sources of information of use to the genealogist and the historian.  This example provides the tax rolls, both resident and non-resident, the births, marriages and deaths (both local and non-local), the town budget, the expenditures (down to the person paid expenses for caring for indigent elders), the hints at ongoing town controversies or issues, and particularly material on the schools.  110+ pages, PDF format, download for $3.50

 Kennebunk ME Annual Report 1921-22


Baldwin, Cumberland County, Maine, Annual Report for 1936

61+ pages, PDF format

Baldwin, Maine Annual Report for more information


Town of Raymond, Maine, Annual Reports for 1907 and 1908. 

Around 50 pages each, download in PDF format.

Please visit our Raymond, Maine page for more information.


Royal Arch Masons #30, Bridgton, Maine

History of Oriental Chapter No. 30, Royal Arch Masons, Bridgton, Maine, by Norman H. Libby.  Covering the years between it creation in 1868 and 1909, this item will be of interest both to those with an interest in the geographic area around Long Lake, Maine, as well as those with an interest in the functioning of a Masonic lodge during what were the banner years of secret fraternal organizations in the United States. It's useful from a genealogical viewpoint in that it provides death dates for all members who had died by the time the book was written.   110+ pages, PDF format.  Download now for $4.00.

 Bridgton, ME Royal Arch Masons


 for more information and to see the new index.


Directory of Bangor and Brewer, Maine for 1923-1924.

571 pages.  We think this will be a useful addition to our Maine list, but we're interested in hearing what YOU think.  Does this sound like something you could use in your research?  Let us know and we'll give it some extra attention!


Life and Work of James G. Blaine

by John Clark Ridpath, Gen. Selden Connor, and others. (1893). 505 pages.  The election campaign doggerel said of him "Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine/the continental liar from the State of Maine/Burn this letter!"  However, you won't find that rhyme in this book, prepared by his supporters.  We're thinking that we need to bring this out before the next Presidential election.  Tell us what you think!


Memorials of Maine:  a Life Record of Men and Women of the Past

Compiled by Augustus Freedom Moulton, 1916.  415 pages, including index. Biographies, including portraits of some, and limited family histories of a number of Maine notables.  We'll post a list of the individuals included eventually.  If you have a particular name you're interested in please let us know.  We're glad to let you know if your person is included. 


The Maine Book

By Henry E. Dunnack, Librarian of the Maine State Library, 1920.  338+ pages, including index. This is a wonderful survey of Maine's history and Maine and its institutions were early in the 20th century.  Particularly helpful for genealogists and family historians will be the sections on such institutions as the Maine School for Girls and the various Maine State Hospitals as these "institutional biographies" provide important information about the way the institutions were viewed "back then" -- without the politically correct gloss of today.  Likewise important will be the sections on Maine newspapers, religious societies, and industries.  All in all, a very useful background book for anyone researching in Maine.


We have not set publication target dates for these publications yet.  Check back frequently to see when we will be producing each of them.  If you have a strong interest in seeing one or more of them, please do let us know about it!  We published the State Prison report first because we thought it was the most interesting and is certainly the most unusual Maine item we own, but the Register of Magistrates is potentially very useful as well, covering as it does a full decade. The town reports are a wealth of information about people.

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