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Garland, ME history

The History of Garland, Maine

by Lyndon Oak

We are pleased to announce that our project of re-publishing Oak's memorable History of Garland, Maine is now completed.  The CD-ROM is now available.

About CD-ROMs

This 1912 volume, which includes a 12 page index, includes in its 401 pages just about anything you might ever want to know about Garland from its founding until just after the Civil War. 

We are happy to provide the index of this volume so you can check it to determine of this publication is of interest to you.  Please click here to view it. 

Also included on this CD-ROM are topographic maps of Garland dating from a few years after Oak's history was originally published.


Please scroll down for information about how to purchase this CD-ROM.

Lyndon Oak: History of Garland, Maine

Garland, ME history, by Lyndon Oak

Lyndon Oak, author of History of Garland, Maine


This CD-ROM is now available for $15.00 plus shipping and handling. Click "Add to shopping cart" to pay with a major credit card or PayPal.

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