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 Friends of Beckley Furnace welcome Pittsfield HS

New signs installed and dedicated at Beckley -- 2005

Thanks to the unstinting effort of several of the Friends of Beckley Furnace, the first-time visitor no longer has to ask the all-too-familiar question "What is this place?"

Below are several photos from the installation process of our new interpretive signage and of the dedication.

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Salamander and interpretive sign about it

One of the new signs in place.  This one describes the salamander in front of the furnace.

Ron Jones welcomes us

Ron Jones begins the dedication ceremony.

First Selectman of North Canaan

The First Selectman of the Town of North Canaan welcomes us.

Prof. Robert Gordon of Yale

Prof. Robert Gordon of Yale, a foremost authority on the history of iron-making in the United States, discusses progress in understanding just how Beckley Furnace  really worked.

Norm Sills and Robert Gordon

Norm Sills, Town Historian of the Town of Salisbury (where Barnum Richardson Company was headquartered) discussing the site with Prof. Gordon


The Friends of Beckley Furnace welcome visitors to the State of Connecticut's only official Industrial Monument! 

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