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A few years ago, we were stumped by a string of letters in an obituary.   We felt that if we knew what they meant, we might be able to better understand what this fellow's interests were, and who his associates might be, and this get clues to where he might have come from.  If you've done much genealogy at all, you've no doubt faced similar situations, where you were desparate for clues of any know.

After trying several approaches to finding out what they meant, including a search on Google, we discovered that they were an abbreviation for the name of an organization -- a lodge, in this case (but it could have been a labor union, a company, a political group, a fraternity, a military organization, a church order or organization, or a host of others).  We wrote that one down for future reference.  Not too long after that we discovered another abbreviation we had not previously encountered, and we wrote it down too, and then we wrote down another, and another, and before we knew it, we had the makings of a list of organizations that were (or are) known by their initials or an acronym.  

It occurred to us that other people pretty clearly might have the same problem we did.  So, we decided to put our little list online.  We were right.  People do need to go beyond Wikipedia and Google occasionally to do this kind of lookup.  And the list isn't little anymore!  In fact it is far from little!

Organizations known by their initials to view the PDF file of our list of organizations, old ones and ones that are still in existence today, that are or were known and referred to principally (or frequently) by their initials or an acronym. 

If you haven't a clue what E.O.M.A. was, or whether you would be more apt to join the I.O.D. (or, perhaps, eat it for dinner), this frequently updated PDF file is for you.

Simply click on list of organizations to see it!  It's a free tool for historians and genealogists from Between the Lakes Group.  (The current version is 2.985, updated 5/12/2015)

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Update:  while we've always kept this list free for your use, the time is coming when self-publishing is probably going to happen.  There are excellent reasons, including the possibility of providing the availability of this list in bound paperback form for easier reference as well as an e-book.  So, change is happening.  Quite soon this will cease to be a freebie, so a word to the wise might be to download a copy now.  And, of course, when "the book" comes out, we hope that you'll see sufficient value added that you will choose to purchase a copy!








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