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Ohio History

 Ohio history and genealogy

Our currently available Ohio titles:

New Connecticut -- The Western Reserve

From Volume II (1896) and Volume III (1897) of the Connecticut Quarterly.  The Western Reserve (the portion of northern Ohio represented by extending the borders of Connecticut westward) represented a bit of New England transplanted into the state in its formative years.  These two articles, in one download totaling 24+ pages, tell the story of the Western Reserve from a Connecticut perspective.  Download now in PDF format for $3.00.  Simply click the "buy now" button.  

New Connecticut - the Western Reserve


Directory of All Business and Professional Men of Ashtabula County, Ohio. 

This comprehensive 96 page pocket-sized directory, copyrighted 1895, is a useful research tool for this Northern Ohio county.  Localities included are:  Ashtabula, Amboy, Andover, Austinburg, Bulah, Bushnell, Chapel, Cherry Valley, Clark's Corners, Colebrook, Conneaut, Cork, Denmark, Dodgeville, Dorset, Eagleville, East Orwell, East Plymouth, East Trumbull, Farnham, Footville, Gageville, Geneva, Giddings, Gould, Griggs Corners, Harpersfield, Hart's Grove, Jefferson, Kelloggsville, Kingsville, Lenox, Leon, Lindenville, Mechanicsville, Monroe Center, New Lyme, New Lyme Station, North Kingsville, North Richmond, North Sheffield, Orwell, Padanaram, Phoenix, Pierpont, Richmond Center, Riggs, Rock Creek, Rock Creek Station, Rome, Rowenton, Saybrook, Sentinel, Ship, Simons, South New Lyme, South Ridge, Steamburg, Stoneville, Trumbull, West Andover, West Williamsfield, Wick, Williamsfield, Windsor Mills, and Windsor.  52++ pages, most covering two pages of the original, with map, in PDF format.  Download now for $3.00.

 Ashtabula County, Ohio Business Directory for 1895


Ohio titles we currently own that are not yet in preparation include:

Bucyrus, Galion and Crestline City Directory and Crawford County Gazetteer for 1912-1913.  (566+ pages)

We have not yet determined a publication date for this title -- it's certainly big enough to merit a CD-ROM.  If it is of special interest to you, please let us know.

The Biographical Encyclopedia of Ohio of the Nineteenth Century (1876) (672 pages)

We have not yet determined a publication date for this CD-ROM (and it's surely big enough to merit the CD-ROM treatment).  Check back here often to determine our progress with it.  It's a big job, considering its length, and we'll consider the length of time it will take us to produce as well as interest in deciding when to publish it.  Interested?  Tell us!

Cleveland and Suburban Telephone Directory (1930)

444 pages of Cleveland names, 368 pages of Cleveland Yellow Pages, 26 pages of suburban Cleveland names, including some 39 villages.  We have not yet determined a publication date for this CD-ROM.  Possibly we could offer sections of it as downloads.  Check back here often to determine our progress with it, and let us know if it's of particular interest to you.

History and Geography of Ohio by William M. Gregory and William B. Guitteau (1922) (282 pages, including index)

This is fundamentally a school book -- witness the title of the first section: "Why We Study Ohio".  It is a nice introduction to the history of the state, but whether this item belongs in our publication queue is open to question.  Possibly sections of it will be useful as downloads.  We'll be thinking about this, and we are interested in your input.

Greene County, 1803 - 1908

We came across this item and decided that it was worth republishing.  It was "edited by a committee of the home coming association" to commemorate that event in Xenia in 1908.  It contains what one might expect to find:  reminiscences, commemoration of old buildings and locales, historical sketches, biographies of local figures of some historical note, and a township-by-township description of the county.  Also included are chapters about institutions such as Antioch College, Cedarville College, the O. S. and S. O. Home, Wilberforce College, and the Xenia Theological Seminary.  There are a large number of illustrations in the text.  It's 226 pages long, and will probably be a download when published.

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