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Neversink, New York -- "Old Neversink"


Excerpts from Hamilton Child's Gazetteer and Business Directory of Sullivan County for 1872 - 1873


By the time Hamilton Child's organization prepared a gazetteer for Sullivan County, they had already "done" at least 20 other New York State counties and had things down to a system.  Along with overall material about the county, peppered with references to individual townships and the people in them, each township in the county had two sections dedicated specifically to it.  

First, one section provided a capsule description of the township.  This included a short history, summarized the geography and land use, provided some demographics, and said a few words about each of the hamlets in the township.  Then, characteristically, it went on to provide some stories about the township and a few of its more colorful residents.  In Neversink's case, roughly eight pages covered this.  

The second town-specific section was the business directory itself.  Rather than simply a list of companies doing business in the township (in Neversink's case, such a list would have formed a short paragraph, scarcely a real list), the compilers sought to include the name of everyone in the township who could be considered "in business".  Thus, farmers make up the largest number of entries in the  5 1/2 page, double-columned Neversink list.  

For each entry included was the name of the individual or firm, the post office they used, and their business or occupation -- sometimes plural.  For farmers, the number of acres they claimed to own or lease was included, and for dairymen, the number of cows.  One can also identify the people who had committed beforehand to purchase a copy of the Gazetteer -- their names appear in capitals in the listing.  

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