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Wurtsboro, NY history

Mamakating history

Wurtsboro, Sullivan County, NY

Mamakating, Sullivan County, NY

Mamakating was the first township erected in Sullivan County.  All other Sullivan townships were subsequently removed from it.  We're happy to offer a number of downloads for Wurtsboro and the Town of Mamakating, Sullivan County, NY.


Here's our currently available Wurtsboro and Town of Mamakating historical material:

Stanton (also called Centennial) Cemetery, Wurtsboro, NY (1929).

Gravestone inscriptions collected by Gertrude Barber, essential for Town of Mamakating history and genealogy.  37+ pages, PDF format, download.  $3.50 

Stanton Cemetery, Wurtsboro, NY


Wurtsboro: Two Cemeteries

Gonsalus Cemetery and Sylvan Cemetery (formerly Kings Highway Cemetery) -- Wurtsboro, Sullivan County, NY.  Collected by Gertrude Barber (1930).   These two cemeteries, both collected in 1930, were her second and third in Wurtsboro (the first, collected the previous summer, was the Stanton Cemetery, is also available as a download), and perhaps the most important to the history of the county.  The Gonsalus cemetery is on the site of the old block house, and named for the first European settler in the county, Manuel Gonsalus, and his stone was one of the handful still legible in that location.  Devens is a much more modern cemetery, but members of the Gonsalus family are among those buried here. 26+ pages, PDF format, download now for $3.25

 Wurtsboro: Two Cemeteries


New Vernon Cemetery (1930).

Also known as the Old School Baptist Cemetery, Town of Mamakating, Sullivan County, New York.

Collected by Gertrude Barber (1930).  When Mrs. Barber “collected” this cemetery in 1930 she incorrectly identified it as the cemetery of the Old Baptist School Church.  “Old School Baptist” is a Baptist sect that had a significant presence in Sullivan County in the 19th century, and we take the liberty of correcting her nomenclature.  Mrs. Barber noted that the area where this cemetery is located “is one of the oldest in Sullivan County” – one of the first settled – and that the cemetery was in “fair” condition.  24+ pages, PDF format, download now for $3.50.

 New Vernon Cemetery


Poplar Grove Cemetery (circa 1930)

Located in Philipsport, Town of Mamakating, Sullivan County, New York.  Collected by Gertrude Barber.  80+ years have passed since Mrs. Barber collected this cemetery, which she identifies as being in excellent shape at that time.  We can assume, or at least hope, that many of the stones she recorded can still be seen today.  There are two reasons for which this compilation may be especially useful.  First, the cemetery is located near the old D&H Canal, and thus likely includes graves related to that entity.  Second, the cemetery is on Route 209 just after entering Sullivan County from Ulster County, so proximity to Ulster County may reveal some “missing” Ulster County burials.  As Mrs. Barber notes, the cemetery serves as a proxy for the missing records of the Phillipsburg Methodist Church, destroyed by fire.  23+ pages, in PDF format.  Download now for $3.00.

 Poplar Grove Cemetery, Philipsport, NY


Westbrookville Cemeteries

Town of Mamakating, Sullivan County, New York, Collected by Gertrude Barber (1934). 

Westbrookville (erroneously called West Brookville by the compiler; the hamlet was named for the Westbrook family, an old Dutch name found in Ulster County and the Hudson Valley in general) is located very close to the Orange County/Sullivan County line.  Included in this compilation are two cemeteries:  the Westbrookville Cemetery, and another cemetery in the Westbrookville area, which the compiler describes only as an “old, deserted cemetery”.  We do not have specific location date for either cemetery, regretfully.  Presumably there are families from both counties included in this compilation.  13+ pages, in PDF format, download now for $3.25.

  Westbrookville Cemeteries

More Wurtsboro/Town of Mamakating material will be available soon!


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