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Lewis County, NY history and genealogy


Child's Gazetteer and Business Directory of Lewis County, NY for 1872 - 73        

NOW AVAILABLE!!  Click here

Ad for brick from Child's Gazetteer of Lewis County, NY

Hamilton Child's 1872 Gazetteer is one of three important books for the Lewis County historian or genealogist to own.

It is singularly important because it both provides a history of the county and its towns, and it also does what the histories do not:  it lists the people and it tells what they do.  That it also provides the information one expects from a gazetteer -- summary information about  towns, with specifics about businesses, churches, newspapers, organizations and the like -- makes it all the more necessary.

In addition to the names liberally sprinkled through the history sections, the Gazetteer offers page after page of names (and some details) of everyone in Lewis County at that time who could possibly have been considered to be "in business" -- including farmers, and for farmers it even lists the number of acres owned or under lease. 

Town of Turin, Lewis County, NY

Child's Gazetteer is also useful in developing an understanding of rural life at the time, in the decade after the Civil War.   What Child considered important general information (it appears as boilerplate in all his gazetteers) is interesting:  "maxims of law", advice on succeeding in business, formulas for mixing peculiar substances, specific information about the states and territories and their attractiveness, and a discussion of how to claim the public lands are just a few of the subjects.  

Child's Gazetteer on CD-ROM is now available.  As well as the full text of the Gazetteer (all 311 pages of it -- actually, somewhat fewer than that; here's an example of a 19th century publisher cutting a few corners -- worth seeing if you're of the opinion that cutting corners is a more modern phenomenon), plus a reproduction of the foldout map, we've also added an important finding aid in the form of older topographic maps of Lewis County, the Lewis County chapter from French's 1860 Gazetteer of New York State, and a few pages about public welfare institutions in Lewis County as reported in 1906.


Lewis County Gazetteer typical page

Click the image to see a typical page from the Lewis County Gazetteer


If you are working on genealogy or history with a Lewis County connection, we think that you do.  People who have worked in the area know that 19th century source material about Lewis County -- particularly material like this with large numbers of names of "ordinary people" -- is extremely scarce. 

We think that libraries will decide that the CD-ROM represents a good way to avoid further wear and tear on that carefully guarded original of Child's Gazetteer -- if they're fortunate enough to have one

We know that teachers, particularly in Social Studies and History, will find it useful.  Since this is a CD-ROM, the kind of AV facilities used to display PowerPoint presentations in the classroom can easily display pages of the Gazetteer -- it is in PDF format -- and the onscreen navigational aids enable you to jump from section to section, page to page, without wasting time (and class attention).

If you're simply interested in Lewis County, NY -- even as it is today -- the Gazetteer represents an inexpensive, easy to use way of learning about the county's 19th century past.   


This CD-ROM is now available for $15.00 plus shipping and handling. Click "Add to shopping cart" to pay with a major credit card or PayPal.

If you'd prefer to send us your order for Child's Gazetteer of Lewis County, NY CD-ROM -- or any of our other CD-ROMS - by mail  -  simply Print order form to print our convenient mail order form.  You can pay by check or money order.


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