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Albany County, NY History

Albany County, New York

We are happy to offer several items of genealogy and local history from Albany County, NY, and we have a number of additional items from the Albany area that we plan to offer soon. 


Now Available for Download

Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School: Memoirs of 1964  If there was a golden era in the United States for large central schools – like this one – the early 1960s probably were it, and this yearbook reflects it.  The societal change that came with the Vietnam War and Woodstock had not yet hit, the Korean War was far enough in the past not to be clouding people’s view of the future, and while parents certainly remembered the Great Depression, the students who graduated in 1964 – World War II babies – were sufficiently far removed from it that it did not factor much in their world view.  Yes, there were national traumas (the assassination of President Kennedy while this senior class was in their penultimate semester was certainly high on this list for them) but for the most part these were good times in America.  However, change was already on the horizon.  The RCS 7th graders pictured in this volume would graduate in a far different culture.  175+ pages, in PDF format, download now for $4.50.

 Ravena - Coeymans - Selkirk CS:  Memoirs of 1964


Albany County (and the City of Albany), from French's Gazetteer of the State of New York (1860).  Authoritative for the period just preceding the Civil War.  Locales mentioned include:  Albany City, Bern, Bernville, East Bern, South Bern, Reidsville, Peoria, Bethlehem, Groesbeck, Kenwood, Upper Hollow, Adamsville, Normanskill, Bethlehem Center, Beckers Corners, Cedar Hill, South Bethlehem, Callahans Corners, Coeymans, Coeymans Landing, Indian Fields, Coeymans Hollow, Stephensville, Keefers Corners, Guilderland, Hamiltonville, Guilderland Center, Dunnsville, Knowersville, French's Mills, Knox, Knoxville, West Township, East Township, Clarksville, New Salem, New Scotland, Unionville, Feuribush, Oniskethau, Rensselaerville, Williamsburgh, Preston Hollow, Medusa, Potters Hollow, Cooksburg, Watervliet, West Troy, Green Island, Cohoes, Boght, Lishas Kil, Newtonville, Ireland Corners, Loudonville, Tivoli Hollow, North Albany, Spencerville, West Albany, Shaker Settlement, Town House Corners, Watervliet Center, Westerlo, Chesterville, Dormansville, South Westerlo, Lambs Corners, and Van Leuvens Corners.  14+ pages, PDF format, download now for $2.75.   

 Albany County, French's Gazetteer


Albany County in the Civil War Chapter, from The Landmarks of Albany County, New York by Amasa J. Parker (1897).   There is more to Albany County than the city of Albany, and there was more to the era of the Civil War than the actual war years.  This chapter of Parker’s volume includes some of the history leading up to the Civil War and material about those years and events following it.  Needless to say, however, most of the chapter consists of units raised in Albany County, their officers and NCOs, their casualties, and their campaigns.  19+ pages, PDF format.  Download now for $3.75.

 Albany County in the Civil War


The Town of Westerlo Chapter, from The Landmarks of Albany County, New York, by Amasa J. Parker (1897).  On the southern border of the county, the township of Westerlo, established in the 19th century, was “off the beaten track” historically, and one finds few incidents of historical note reported to have occurred within its borders.  The chapter recounts its origin, its settlement, its industries, and its churches.  To those with an interest in the people who settled there, this chapter will be of considerable interest.  9+ pages, PDF format, download now for $2.25.

Town of Westerlo, Albany County, NY


The Albany County chapter in Mather & Brockett's Geographical History of the State of New York (1848).  We have grouped the counties and provided several in a download according to their sequence in this historic volume.  Included in this grouping are Albany County, New York County, Kings County, Queens County, Richmond County, and Suffolk County.  50+ pages, PDF format, download now for $3.75

 Albany County from Mather &  Brockett


Charity in New York State in 1906: Albany County.  We are in the process of republishing sections of volume II of the Annual Report of the State Board of Charities for the year 1906.  The material will be of interest to local historians who wish a better picture of charitable institutions in their locale a century ago, to genealogists and family historians interested in the people who administered charity back then as well as how any unfortunates housed in these facilities may have lived, and to those who have questions about the now-politicized "safety net" for the unfortunates in our society back in those years.  This section addresses the public and private charities in Albany County in 1906 that were registered with the State Board of Charities. 21++ pages, in PDF format, download now for $2.25.

Albany County Charities (1906)


The Old Post Road, by C. G. Hine (1905) --  “The Publick Common General Road and Highway from King’s Bridge to the Ferry at Crawlier over against the City of Albany”.  See our New York State Miscellany page for more information.


Albany County items currently awaiting publication:

Amasa J. Parker's Landmarks of Albany County

(1897). A three part book of local history about a section of New York State with plenty of it to recount.  The first part, consisting of around 550 pages, is a more or less traditional county history, including history of all the townships (and the City of Albany) that make up the county. We have begun to publish individual chapters of this book as a series of downloads.  The second part consists of 200 pages of biography of then-eminent personages in the county.  The third part is family history, and runs about 376 pages.  We'll address the second and third parts once we've got the first part available.

Albany and Rensselaer Directory for 1919

With well over 1200 pages, the Albany & Rensselaer Directory will either be a CD-ROM by itself or will be a series of downloads of various sections of it.  If we do the series of downloads, some will be quite large.  Perhaps we'll do both, but your input will help us decide.

We have some additional Mohawk Valley material as well as material from the Capital Region that we will be publish eventually.  Please let us know of your interest in this area so we can prioritize them accordingly.


As one of the original counties of New York State, many other counties over time were taken from Albany County to form new counties (many of which were, in turn, the parents of additional new counties).  The following were counties directly removed from Albany County.  Each links to our page on that county.

Columbia, Cumberland (created in 1766,

transferred to Vermont in 1790),

Gloucester (created in 1770,

transferred to Vermont in 1790),


Montgomery (originally created as Tryon County, name changed),





Washington (created as Charlotte County, name changed in 1784, parts transferred to Vermont in 1790).

See also:  W. Max Reid's The Mohawk Valley: Its Legends and Its History (1907) listed on our Montgomery County page

See also:  relevant material in the NYS Canal Commissioners Report for 1878 on our New York State Miscellany page.

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