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 New Hampshire history and genealogy

The following New Hampshire items are currently available:

  • 200th Anniversary Celebration of Chester, New Hampshire

From the History of Chester, New Hampshire (including Auburn), a Supplement to the History of Old Chester, published in 1869, compiled and published by John Carroll Chase (1926).  The way a community celebrates its important anniversaries is often a reflection of the way the town sees itself.  Chester, nearly a century ago, saw itself as a community where such an event required documentation for the ages.  These seventy pages, more or less, about the 200th celebration in Chester, include the texts of speeches that were given back in those days of attention spans that were measured in tens of minutes instead of seconds, lists of committees that worked on the celebration, photographs of the committee leaders, notes from distinguished sons (and daughters) of the community who could not attend the celebration, and a chronology of the celebration itself.  Things were indeed different in 1922.  Download now, in PDF format, for $3.00.

 200th Anniversary: Chester, NH

  • Chester/Auburn, New Hampshire, Gravestone Inscriptions

From the History of Chester, New Hampshire (including Auburn), a Supplement to the History of Old Chester, published in 1869, compiled and published by John Carroll Chase (1926).  Cemeteries included in this compilation include the following:  Chester Village, North Chester, The Branch, Sanborn, Old Presbyterian, Lane Family, Marden Family, Auburn Village, and Long Meadow.  Also included are images of the following individuals and houses:  Frank B. Coult, Mary E. Dearborn, Andrew F. Fox, Margaret A. (Heath) Fox, Daniel French, Daniel French house, Benjamin Brown – Judge Richardson house, R. R. French, N. T. French, and F. O. French.   80+ pages.  Download now in PDF format for $4.00.

Chester NH Gravestones

  • Genealogies of Chester, NH

From the History of Chester, New Hampshire (including Auburn), a Supplement to the History of Old Chester, published in 1869, compiled and published by John Carroll Chase (1926).  Chapter 16 (this one) from this history has a number of genealogies of local families.  The opening sentence directs to reader to Chase’s History of Old Chester for earlier generations, which suggested to us that we would find a smattering of late 19th and early 20th century people here.  Well, we were mistaken; there is extensive genealogical material in these pages, and it’s apt to be the kind that is hard to find today – the generations that link the early settlers to their descendents around the country.  Also included are photographs of the following individuals: Charles C. Grant, Mr. & Mrs. George P. Griffin, George Cochrane Hazleton, Gerry Whiting Hazelton, John Adams Hazelton, the Rev. James Holmes, Col. George A. Hosley, Charles H. Knowles, Henry H. Lane, Cyrus A. Marston, Hon. Thomas J. Melvin, Lydia A. (Stevens) Newell, Hon. John W. Noyes, and the Rev. Theodore C. Pratt, as well as some photos of milestones around the community.  See our Genealogies page for surnames included.  130+ pages, PDF format, download now for $4.50.

 Chester, NH Genealogies


We own the following New Hampshire items.  Publication is pending.

  • Dover, Somersworth, Rochester and Strafford County, NH Directory for 1905, by Bass & Co.  (882 pages)

This is a massive city/county directory of an interesting area of New Hampshire.  As well as many advertisements, it includes separate listings of residents (including occupations) and businesses for each of the locales in the title.  Also present is a classified business directory and a street directory.  This is definitely a useful document for a local historian, a genealogist seeking mid-decade information not available in the US Census, as well as for people who simply have an interest in this area.  It is fortunately free of the boilerplate articles some directory publishers of the period used to pad their offerings.  We have not yet scheduled this directory for publication.  Please let us know if it is of interest to you (with no obligation to buy).

  • History of Chester, NH, including Auburn.  A supplement to the History of Old Chester.

This 1926 volume, compiled by John Carroll Chase, was prepared for the 200th anniversary of the Town of Chester.  535 pages long, it could become a series of downloads or a single CD-ROM.  Our inclination is to take the download route with this volume as the chapters lend themselves to this treatment.  Some sample chapters include the bicentennial celebration, church histories (including membership lists, pastors, and some baptisms, marriages and deaths), local soldiers in wars from the Revolution to World War I, professional and civic lists, cemetery inscriptions (several cemeteries), biographies and genealogies, and considerably more.  We're publishing this in sections; those done to date are above.


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