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Paxton, MA History

Landmarks and Memories of Paxton, MA, by Roxa Howard Bush, and other materials

Paxton, MA history and genealogy


We're happy to republish a remarkable history of Paxton, Massachusetts, written by a person who without question knew more about the history of Paxton, MA than anyone else living at the time she prepared it.

Roxa Howard Bush was a careful and very complete local historian of Paxton, and despite the brevity of her book (62 pages of text, plus pictures), it is a remarkably complete study of the history of the Town of Paxton.  The book was privately printed in 1923.  We do not know the number of copies printed, but we do know that few copies are still extant and even fewer available in the rare book market.

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Paxton Congregational Church

Unlike many local histories that are long on flowery language and short on names, places, and dates, Landmarks and Memories of Paxton is densely packed with names, and for that reason will be of particular interest to family historians and genealogists.  To see a typical page, click on the thumbnail below:

Paxton, MA history typical page

In addition to Landmarks and Memories of Paxton, the CD-ROM includes historical topographic maps of Paxton and the area surrounding.  It also includes separate high-resolution copies of the photographs in the text for greater legibility and ease of use.  If you live now in the Paxton area, or if your ancestors lived there at one time, we suspect you will find this summary of the local history of Paxton and its people essential.


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History: Town Commons, Paxton, MA

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