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Kentucky History

Kentucky history and genealogy

Titles currently available:

Catholic Families of Kentucky

This project includes the unpublished Kidwell family notebook of Stella Mulholland Bogner, as well as Ben Webb's Centenary of Catholicity in Kentucky.

Formerly available as a CD-ROM, these items are now available as downloads.


See our Kentucky Catholics page for more information about this project.


Kentucky Progress Magazine

We recently acquired the April 1929 issue (Volume 1, number 8) of this publication by the Kentucky Progress Commission.  The state-chartered organization was created by the state legislature in 1928 to "Advertise Kentucky to the World" and that's what this publication does for fifty pages (plus covers).  The ads are fascinating, but the subject matter of this issue is as well.  Notable articles include one about "My Old Kentucky Home", and others other about historic Bardstown, a trip through Harlan County's mountains, Kentucky's inter-collegiate All-State football team, Morehead State Normal School and Teachers' College, and Governor Metcalfe, who is adjudged a "Colorful Character".  There's a current (1929) highway map, a list of what then were considered to be the state's points of interest, material about planting trees and shrubs on the state highways, and more.  Download this issue in PDF format for $4.00. 

Kentucky Progress magazine


The Brown Family of Liberty Hall

This article, reprinted from the Filson Club History Quarterly of April 1942, is a genealogical and historical piece about that Frankfort, KY family and its memorable events.  The article, written by Bayless Harden, appears to be well researched and would no doubt be useful to anyone interested in early Kentucky history or anyone with the surname of Brown desiring to track down yet another Brown family in territory from which migration paths led north, west, and south.  15+ pages, PDF format, download for $3.00. 

Brown family of Liberty Hall, Frankfort, KY


The Old Kentucky Home

By Young E. Allison.  Aside from times like the Kentucky Derby, one seldom hears “My Old Kentucky Home” (even though it is the state song of Kentucky) anymore.  While today we have a more realistic view of African slavery than Stephen Foster’s songs depict and we know that in the peculiar institution benevolence was more the exception than the rule, the songs themselves, and the history of the place in Bardstown where this specific song was composed and first performed, are both important historically.  This 1921 booklet represents a point of view and a point in time.  Read 80 years later, it appears sentimental and even misinformed.  At the time, it was most probably perceived as neither.  43+ pages, PDF format, download now for $4.00.

 Old Kentucky Home


Haycraft's History of Elizabethtown, Kentucky

By Samuel Haycraft (1869).  This history of an historic Kentucky town (and neighborhood) is told by someone who participated in many of the historical events reported through his long association with the courts of the County.  Some may fault it as being more or less a history of litigation in that town, but they overlook both the litigious nature of frontier Americans at that time and the vantage point of community goings-on that the courthouse provides.  As well as events there are plenty of names here, and personal histories as well.  We think that it’s no accident of history that Haycraft’s History was already on its second republication in the edition we reproduce here.   188+ pages, PDF format, download now for $4.25.

 Elizabethtown, KY


A Brief History of Boone County, Kentucky

By Ann Lutes (1954).  This short history of Boone County was presented to the Boone County Historical Society in 1955.  It is an essential for anyone interested in Boone County history, recommended for anyone with a general interest in the history of Kentucky, and may prove useful to those with an interest in the opening of Kentucky and mid-continent American to settlement.  16+ pages, in PDF format, download now for $3.25.

 History of Boone County, NY by Ann Lutes



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