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Indiana: Fountain County

Fountain County in the World War

Fountain County in the Great War, compiled by Verna Glascock for the Fountain County Council of Defense, documents in great detail how one Indiana county participated in what was called by many the "Great War."  Enthusiasm for a major war probably was at its greatest height in the United States during what we now call World War I, with active United States involvement between 1917 and 1918. (The war itself began in 1914.) 

Obviously produced at some expense, the book of around 80 pages included many photographs of Fountain County participants in World War I, both on the home front and in the armed forces.  A highlight is a set of photos of every group of men inducted in Fountain County by the local draft board during the war. 

There are numerous lists not only of those from Fountain County who served in the armed forces but also those who participated in such groups as the "Boy's Working Reserve", the "Women's Welfare Committee", the "Fourteen Minute Women", and in raising the Liberty Loans -- and these are only a sampling of the organizations.  Sadly, there is also a committee listed with the self-explanatory name of the "War Funds Fraudulent Soliciting Investigations Committee", suggesting that even in rural Indiana in the early 20th century there were those who tried to capitalize on patriotic fervor for their personal gain.

Particularly notable is a chapter containing biographies of nearly all the young men from Fountain County who died in the service of their country during the war.  Of those 44, only four do not have biographies.  Family historians, who frequently find that information is scanty about ancestors who died in wartime, will particularly appreciate this section.

We are offering Fountain County in the Great War in two formats: as a download and as a CD-ROM.  Both contain the same material, but the price of the CD-ROM includes our costs in providing the book in that medium.

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 Fountain County in the Great War

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