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Georgia history and genealogy

We have begun to acquire material from the Old South and one of our initial areas of interest is Georgia.

Titles Currently Available:

Occupation and Address Register of the Graduates of Emory College (1910)

This book includes those awarded the AB, PhB and SB degrees beginning with the class of 1841 if the alumnus was still living in 1910 or if his condition at that time was unknown.  It lists alumni by surname within year of graduation, and by year of graduation -- including those known to be dead (with additional degrees if any, and current residence and occupation).  Also included is a geographical index by city within state. 

Emory Alumni Register for 1910 for more information about this title and to download it.


Connecticut at the Atlanta Exposition

from the Connecticut Quarterly, Volume II (1896).  Connecticut participated in this "Cotton States Exposition" in 1895, a very few years after the far better known Columbian Exposition, in which participation by the states of the deep south was limited to nonexistent.  This article, a download, provides insights into both the exposition and into Connecticut's view of itself as a participant in it.  Includes numerous photographs.

For more information, see our Connecticut page.


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