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Newington, CT history

Newington, Hartford County, Connecticut history

Our CD-ROM of Newington material An article about Newington to download

 Newington, CT: early annals

by Roger Welles (1874).  204 pages.  This is the product of a historic preservation project that occurred almost 140 years ago -- long before most people were thinking very much about historic preservation of records or the information in them.  Early Annals of Newington contains a history of the formation of the town of Newington from Wethersfield, transcriptions of the original records of Newington (1700 - 1726), the records of the Congregational Church between 1747 and 1805 (as well as material about the first settlers from a manuscript) -- all great genealogical material -- not to mention even more church records from the 1805 - 1874 period (of even more genealogical value).

We're impressed by the frequency with which family names one sees in these Newington records later show up in the  western end of Connecticut, reflecting Newington's historic role as a locale from which people moved westward -- to the western end of Connecticut and far beyond.  The book contains a wealth of names, of course, particularly in the church records, which include those joining the church, being baptized, marrying, and deaths/funerals.

Because many of you have told us that you appreciate maps in order to help you better understand the area being described in the words of the text, we have added a comprehensive set of old topographic maps of Newington and the surrounding area to the material on the CD-ROM.

You told us that this -- Early Annals of Newington -- was a title you wanted us to put near the top of our priority list, and we listened.  There's no question that this was an important title for us to republish, and we are delighted to make it available now.  We think it will be useful to anyone with an interest in the history of this part of Connecticut or in the genealogy of any family that passed through Newington.

We've reduced the price of the Annals of Newington CD-ROM to $12.50, a fraction of the amount you would spend to acquire a reprint or an original copy from a book dealer. 

Here's the title page -- click on the image to see it full-sized:

Annals of Newington -- title page

How to obtain Annals of Newington

The CD-ROM, ISBN-13 978-0-9791000-2-4, and ISBN-10 0-9791000-2-X, is available from Between the Lakes Group for the reduced price of $12.50.  There are two convenient ways to order.  

The quickest is simply to click the "Add to shopping cart" button below.  For your convenience, we use PayPal, so you can either charge your purchase to a major credit card or to your own PayPal account. (When you're finished reviewing our other offerings, just click the "View shopping cart" button to check out.)

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From the Connecticut Quarterly, Volume III (1897)


We at Between the Lakes Group are happy to make this item of Connecticut history available.  Its our second publication about Newington, the other being our republication of Early Annals of Newington, by Roger Welles (available on CD-ROM), which was written around a quarter century earlier and focuses on a different era of Newington's history.

Interestingly, it is also our second Newington publication by someone surnamed Welles.  This 1897 article was written by Edwin Stanley Welles sadly we do not know the relationship, if any, of these two authors, but we strongly suspect that there was a genetic predisposition toward writing local history in the Welles family in Newington. At any rate, we hope that this article portraying Newington as the 20th century was about to dawn will be of interest to many, and will supplement the material found on the Early Annals of Newington CD-ROM.  The topographic maps on the CD-ROM will be of use in pinpointing locations and even structures in this article, since they are roughly contemporaneous with the article.

We are in the process of publishing more historical information about Connecticut (and other locales) from a variety of sources, all old, out of copyright, out of print, and much of it very scarce and difficult to locate.  We invite you to examine both our material available for download (like this article) and our CD-ROMs your purchases of which make it possible to continue to collect and republish this material for you. 

This article is in PDF format and contains a number of illustrations of Newington people and places as they appeared then.  14+ pages, download it now for $3.00.

 Newington, from the CT Quarterly

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