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Middletown, CT history

Middletown, CT:  Real Property by Street and other materials

Middletown history


We're happy to present a collection of historical material about Middletown, Connecticut that will be of interest to local historians, genealogists, and those with a personal tie to the locale.


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History: Wesleyan College gymnasium, Middletown, CT

Here are the contents:

City of Middletown, 1931 List of Real Property, tabulated by street.

This extremely rare item will be useful to anyone wishing to find the history of a location in Middletown, or trace their own family's residence there.  This listing has names, addresses, and valuations -- and it even includes outbuildings!  Here's a sample page of this historical document -- click the image to see it full-sized -- you may also need to click the enlarged image to see the high-resolution page image full-sized:

history: listing of real property for 1931

"Middletown" in the Connecticut Quarterly of 1898.

20 pages, with numerous photographs.  A good summary of the history of the community until the dawn of the 20th century.  The pictures are memorable.

The 1947 Cauldron of Middletown High School.

Not exactly politically correct by contemporary standards, this is a great trip down memory lane for old MHS grads -- and an eye-opener about local history for more recent ones as well.  96 pages, including some great ads.  A list of the members of the 1947 MHS graduating class appears below.  A separate addendum to the Cauldron of 1947 is also included.

Chamber of Commerce brochure, circa 1922.

This  historical 16 page brochure is designed to paint the city in a good light, and it does.  It's interesting to find out just what the civic fathers considered to be selling points 85 years ago.  Several photos in this one, too.


Several smaller items of historical ephemera, including a large number of old post card views of Middletown in the early 20th century (roughly half are of Wesleyan while the rest are of other Middletown landmarks), the (disappointingly smallish) program for the Middletown Tercentenary (1650 - 1950), much Middletown-related material from the Connecticut State Register and Manual for 1927, the article on Middletown from The Connecticut Guide, some century old topographic maps of the Middletown quadrangle, and even a dance card from the 1947 Middletown HS Junior prom.  Quite a collection!

Sorry, this CD-ROM has been discontinued and is no longer available.  Please check back, as we will shortly be making the contents available as downloads.


Members of the 1947 graduating class of Middletown High School


Joanne Abbott

Lena Adorno

Rose Airo

Lucille Amara

Annette Amato

Marie Amenta

Gilbert Anderson

Annette Augeri

Joseph Augeri

Michael Augeri

Peter Aurigemma

Eleanor Balzer

Eleanor Barnett

James Bartolotta

Joseph Bartolotta

Salvatore Bartolotta

Theodore Bartolotta

Florence Berg

Beverly Blakely

Marie Bongiorno

Francis Bula

James Caffrey

Jean Caffrey

Guytina Campisi

Sebastian Cannata

Arne Carlson

Donald Carlson

Marjorie Carnevale

Joseph Carta

Louis Carta

Francis Cashman

Richard Cashman

Anna Catalano

Salvatore Catanzaro

Jane Cecchini

Rose Cecchini

Barbara Clew

William Clew

Gloria Cofrancesco

Charles Coleman

Norma Cornish

Joanna Corvo

Adele Daley

Mary Daltry

Louis Damiata

Jennie D’Amico

Doreen Dean

Barbara DeAngelis

Shirley DeBarge

Lillian DeBrito

Elinor DeRenne

Dolores DeToro

Walter Dykas

Doris Dzialo

Jane Eastman

Sarah Ewald

Mary Fazzino

Marion Fillmore

Mary Jane Footit

James Fortuna

James Franco

Frederick Frank

Richard Franklin

Thomas Franklin

Connie Garafalo

Delores Garafalo

Rosario Garafalo

Robert Giardina

Loretta Gora

Ann Greco

Henry Grockowski

Charles Hageman

Jeanette Halibozer

Dorothy Hartigan

Mary Lou Herrmann

Allen Hoffman

Mary Hunsberger

Polly Jones

Alois Kallfelz

Bernice Kaminski

Edward Kardas

John Kelly

Lorelie Klapfrodt

John Kowalzyk

Barbara Kowaleski

Patrick Labadia

Mary LaBella

Maryjane Lappostato

William Larson

Raymond Leightsinger

Jean Leonard

Judith Levine

Joyce Libera

Marilyn Litka

Anne LoGuidice

Dona Lohneiss

Sally Lowery

Barbara Lund

Lannie McArthur

Katherine McCurdy

Joseph Marchese

Elvera Marra

Jean Marsalek

Beverly Marthers

Bernard Meckenstrum

William Micciulla

Carmelo Milardo

Geraldine Milardo

Joseph Millerick

Lorraine Misenti

Violet Misenti

Anthony Mocci

Mary Mocci

Joanne Murphy

Richard Nelson

Paul Nevedomsky

Mary Nicholson

Mary Nocera

Frederick Oefinger

Catherine Paguni

Eleanor Painter

Evelyn Pandolfo

Frances Pandolfo

Joseph Pasculano, Jr.

Frances Patnaude

Joseph Perruccio

Mary Perruccio

Salvatore Perruccio

Ernest Peterson

Florence Petruzzello

Jacqueline Philmore

Doris Pillarella

Jeanne Pillarella

Rose Pirruccio

Sarah Reilly

Patricia Risley

Randolph Ross

Kostas Routsis

Frank Ruggeri

Franz Ruscica

Robert Ryan

Sebastian Santostefano, Jr.

Lionel Savoie

Attilio Sciacca

Jane Scionti

Donald Scranton

Alvera Settipane

Harold Shlien

Lillian Silk

Jean Sjovall

Leonard Skingir

Theresa Sledzik

Saralee Sloan

Charles Stebbins

Raymond Talamona

Arnold Talevi

Doris Thody

Lucinda Thomson

Corinne Topazio

Marie Topazio

Joseph Trebbe

Frederick Trevithick, Jr.

Lucille Tuccio

Harry Twiss

Jeanne Valerie

Constance Vecchitto

Nancy Vinci

Anita Virgadaula

Arline Walsh

Shirley Witenberg

Ronald Wolf

Mary Ann Young

Stella Zdanuk

Theresa Zimmetti


This historical CD-ROM is now available.  Please Order the Middletown, CT CD-ROM for information about purchasing a copy.

Want to see an 1896 article from the Connecticut Quarterly about the Riverside Cemetery in Middletown?  It's free!

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