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New Haven County, Connecticut

New Haven County, CT history

We are happy to offer our first items of genealogy and local history from New Haven County, Connecticut, including both the city of New Haven and the surrounding communities.

We plan to offer additional New Haven County items of historical interest soon.


Now Available for Download:
John Hodgkin (Hotchkin) of Guilford, CT and his Descendents  by Geoffrey Brown  (1988).  This volume was our principal partner’s first venture into publishing original history and genealogy.  He, and several very capable relatives, collaborated to produce this genealogy of descendants of a man variously known as John Hodgkin, Jno. Hodke, John Hotchkin, and a few other variations.  Hotchkin/Hodgkin had some historical significance in that he was affiliated with Governor Leete, and that he played a role in hiding the Regicides when the monarchy had been restored in England and the king-killers had fled to Connecticut, then a very staunch Puritan colony. 

Two rather small printings quickly sold out -- a bit of an unusual occurrence for genealogies -- and with that small success achieved, the author decided that it was time to move onward to other areas of endeavor. 

More than a quarter century after it was published people continue to request copies of that book, so we have recently added a digital version that is available for download for those who want to have a copy.  If you are a Hodgkin, or a Hotchkin, or a Hotchkiss (although there is another, larger, Hotchkiss family, we have found some Hodgkins are known by the Hotchkiss name)
, or if one of these names appears in your family tree, you really ought to have this information available to you.  It includes an everyname index, and yes, female lines are emphatically included.

In PDF format, 330+ pages, download now for $9.50.

 John Hodgkin (Hotchkin) of Guilford CT and Descendents



The Oneida (NY) and Wallingford (CT) Perfectionists, from Charles Nordhoff's The Communistic Societies of the United States (1875).  See our Madison County, NY page for more information.


Hillhouse Avenue, in New Haven -- with photographs.  An 1897 article from the Connecticut Quarterly.  18+ pages, PDF format, $2.50.  

New Haven: Hillhouse Avenue


The New Haven Green -- with photographs.  An article from the Connecticut Quarterly, Volume I (1895).  PDF format, 11+ pages, download now for $3.00. 

The New Haven Green


The Bungalow at Short Beach, Branford, CT -- from the Connecticut Quarterly, Volume I (1895).  This odd bit of social history was clearly relevant 116 years ago to the sophisticated readers of this magazine.  Today it is a bit hard to connect to much beyond the geography.  11+ pages with photographs; download now for $2.75. 

The Bungalow at Short Beach


Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven -- from the Connecticut Quarterly, Volume II (1896).  This article, by Ellen Strong Bartlett, describes the cemetery, provides its history as well as anecdotes about some of the famous personages buried in this ground.  Many photos of monuments.  12+ pages, PDF format.  Download now for $2.75.  

Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven


Some Colonial Houses of New Haven -- from the Connecticut Quarterly, Volume II (1896).  An interesting article about New Haven in Colonial times, focusing on the residential architecture but going beyond it, by Harry H. Palmer.  It includes photographs of the following houses:  Trowbridge (2), Beecher, Wooster, Arnold, Bontecou, Foote, Pinto, and Hillhouse, and one of the parsonage of the “Blue Meeting House.”  It’s certainly interesting for those with ties to those families, and to those interested in Colonial New Haven.  PDF format, 8+ pages, download now for $2.00.

 Colonial Houses of New Haven


Center Church in New Haven -- from the Connecticut Quarterly, Volume III (1897).  Ellen Strong Bartlett wrote this extensively illustrated article about the original church of the New Haven Colony;  not surprisingly, the history of this church is interlaced extensively with the history of that colony.  Notable in the article are the illustrations of many of the memorial tablets in the church, and a number of photographs of the crypt.  PDF format, 19+ pages, download now for $3.00.

 Center Church in New Haven


The Wolcott Plateau -- from the Connecticut Quarterly, Volume III (1897).  Located at the north end of New Haven County, the Town of Wolcott has always been considered a bit on the primitive side, and this short article, by Milo Leon Norton, does little to dispel that impression.  PDF format, 7+ pages, download now for $2.00.

Wolcott Plateau, New Haven County, CT  



Delegates' Reports: CT Board of Agriculture (1869) -- The report from the New Haven County delegate begins on page 5 of this document.  See our Connecticut miscellany page for more information.




New Haven County items currently awaiting publication:

--A number of articles from the Connecticut Quarterly

Needless to say, we're always looking for additional New Haven County material to publish.

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