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 Lime Rock

 Lime Rock: virtual history walk

What unusual opportunity did Lime Rock present? 

We were asked to conduct a "Heritage Walk" of Lime Rock by the Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage Area in October 2004.  While we had a long-term interest in the Lime Rock community that had led to the invitation to lead the walk, we had not been thinking previously about how to organize all the information we had collected.  The walk presented exactly such an opportunity -- perhaps more of a need than an opportunity, in fact. 

It was obvious what we needed to include in the walk -- at least some of the landmarks one can actually visit today.  By the way, Lime Rock has lots of landmarks -- but more about that later.  Years ago, we learned that an effective way to organize a presentation was by creating a PowerPoint® presentation and refining it.  So, even though we knew we wouldn't be showing overheads during the tour, we used PowerPoint to organize our presentation. 

We also knew that PowerPoint is a great tool for making slide shows, and we already had lots and lots of pictures, old and new, of Lime Rock. 

Then, it occurred to us that we might have folks who wanted to go on this history walk who simply couldn't trek two miles.  Why not have a "virtual walk" for them? In Trinity Church, Lime Rock, we already had a great place to show the virtual history walk. 

So we put the pictures with the words in a slide show for this audience that ran roughly as long as the walk itself took. The difference was that the slide show had MORE content that the actual walk, because walking from landmark to landmark takes time, and we had plenty of material to supplement the landmarks on the actual walk with.

Parenthetically, as we prepared the former slide show for presentation as a downloadable PDF file, we again had the opportunity to add still more material -- particularly material that requires close examination and thus is inappropriate for a slide show presentation.  The completed product (see our main Lime Rock page) is the result.

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