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Litchfield County, CT history

History of Litchfield County -- clergy

The Clergy of Litchfield County

by Arthur Goodenough (1909) 

History: The Clergy of Litchfield County

We are happy to announce the republication of this long out-of-print volume of local history and biography.  In 2005 we republished it as a CD-ROM, but now are making it available as a download.

The download includes our new index of names, places, and institutions (there was no index in the original book). 

Download now in PDF format, 304 pages, for $5.00

 Clergy of Litchfield County

Just what is in Clergy of Litchfield County?

The book itself is a history of religion in Litchfield County, Connecticut, consisting of around 245 pages of text and provides an insider's  view of church history (Goodenough was a Congregational clergyman), with emphasis on the Congregational Church, in Litchfield County since its beginnings.  The author's vantage point, early in the 20th Century, is close enough to the early days to be able to capture what life must have been like back then, yet is also far enough from today to represent a point in time that is long gone.

Clergy of Litchfield County is NOT a religious tract.  Although Goodenough was a clergyman, for the most part he seems to have been quite able to step aside from the pulpit and see religion in Litchfield County in a historical perspective.  The author clearly does have a high opinion of those who pursued his profession, particularly those who pursued it in the Congregational Church.  Those historical Congregational clergy who happened to see fine points of doctrine more or less the same way he did get the most coverage; others receive less.  The author  is quite discreet with regard to deficiencies other clergy may have had.  As well as many detailed biographies, he includes a 38 page historical appendix listing chronologically the Congregational clergy in each church, as well as "ministers raised up" -- or clergy who were seen as having come from that particular church.

He (wisely) hands over 43 pages to an Episcopal clergyman for a discussion of the history of the Episcopal Church in Litchfield County.  This is a strong chapter, with a summary history of the Episcopal Church followed by histories of all the Episcopal parishes in the county at that time.  The parish histories include names and dates for rectors and priests-in-charge, as well as considerable added historical information for some parishes. 

Other religions sadly do not fare as well.  The Baptists get six pages, the Methodists nine (including a multi-page list of circuit riders, settled clergy, and Presiding Elders).  Other denominations, such as Adventists and the Salvation Army, are included only via occasional mention in the text.  The author's consignment of Roman Catholics -- probably at very least 40% of the population of Litchfield County in the early 1900s -- to the "all others" category is probably the most serious defect of the book as a work of history -- but this treatment is a reflection of history in itself.  As well, there is only limited coverage of the foreign-language Congregational churches, a feature of that historical period in Litchfield County as immigrant workers founded congregations near the factories that employed them. 

We have compiled a 30 page index of Clergy of Litchfield County, as there was no index in the original.

Originally included on our CD-ROM:  Many photographs (both old and new) and postcards showing churches in Litchfield County, from our collection.  Churches shown include both those mentioned in the text and others.

We've added them here for your pleasure  No purchase required! (click to see a full-sized image)

Church of Christ, Norfolk

Congregational Church, New Milford


Barkhamsted Church

St. Joseph's Church, Brookfield

North Canaan, 7th Day Adventist Church

Christ Church, Canaan

Canaan Methodist Church

Pilgrim Church, Canaan

Baptist Church, Canaan

St. Joseph's Church, Canaan

St. Joseph's Church, Canaan

Girls Friendly Society Vacation House, East Canaan

Pine Grove (Methodist), Canaan

Church in the Wildwood, Colebrook

Colebrook Congregational Church

East Canaan Congregational Church

Falls Village Congregational Church

Falls Village Congregational Church

Falls Village Methodist Church

Falls Village Methodist Church

Gaylordsville Methodist Church

Goshen Church of Christ, Congregational

Kent Congregational Church

Kent Congregational Church

Kent RC Church

St. Andrew's Church, Kent

Lakeville Methodist Church

Trinity Lime Rock

Trinity Lime Rock

Trinity Lime Rock addition

Trinity Lime Rock

Litchfield Church/Armory Hall


Litchfield Congregational Church

Litchfield Congregational Church

Litchfield Congregational Church

St. Michael's Church, Litchfield

Marbledale Church

Trinity Episcopal Church, Milton

Morris Congregational Church

All Saints Church, New Milford

New Milford Congregational Church

New Milford Congregational Church

New Milford Library and Church

Norfolk Church and monument

Norfolk Church of Christ

Plymouth Congregational Church

Roxbury rectory

Salisbury Congregational Church

Salisbury Congregational Church

Salisbury Congregational Church

St. John's Church, Salisbury

St. John's Church and inn, Salisbury

Christ Church, Sharon

Sharon Congregational Church

Sharon Congregational Church

South Canaan meeting house

Thomaston Church

Torringford Church

Torringford Church

Torringford Church

Calvary Baptist Church, Torrington

Torrington Congregational Church

Torrington Methodist Church

St. Francis Church, Torrington

St. Francis Church, Torrington

St. Peter's Church, Torrington

Trinity Church, Torrington

Trinity Church, Torrington

All Saints Orthodox, Twin Lakes

Warren Congregational Church

Washington Congregational Church

Washington Episcopal Church

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Washington

Watertown library and Congregational church

Watertown library and Congregational church

West Goshen ME Church

Winchester Church

Winsted: First Congregational Church

Winsted: Second Congregational Church

RC Church, Winsted

Methodist Church, Winsted

St. Joseph's RC Church, Winsted

St. Joseph's RC Church, Winsted

Woodbury Episcopal Church

Woodbury Methodist Church

Woodbury, North Church

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Woodbury

St. Theresa's RC Church, Woodbury


We are happy to provide you with an extract from the index we compiled of Clergy of Litchfield County.

Because of the pagination of the original books, we have omitted page numbers from this list.  We have also somewhat condensed this list, omitting such entries as names of books written by the Litchfield County clergy "back then".

We hope that you will find this list helpful!

Names and places appearing in Clergy of Litchfield County to open the PDF file containing the names found in Clergy of Litchfield County.

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