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Canaan, Connecticut

Scrap Book of North Canaan

Scrap Book of North Canaan

-- historic and now very scarce -- was written circa 1898 by John Rodemeyer, Jr. 

The author was once the Editor of The Connecticut Western News, a newspaper of the day.  The book was originally published by C. H. Pease, a familiar North Canaan name even today. 

Containing maps and abundant photographs in its eighty-odd pages, Scrap Book of North Canaan is a well-written depiction of the town over the years.  Although it modestly denies being a history of the community, in fact it is just that. Over 100 years later the distinction of being THE history of that community still belongs to this thin volume.  Written only 40 years after that township separated from Falls Village (a/k/a Canaan), it captured memories of people who remembered "the old days."  It also included many photographs of Canaan at the turn of the 20th century.

We have indexed the book.  The index is available on this website.  If you are fortunate enough to have access to a copy of Scrap Book of North Canaan, this index may help you find people and places in it more easily.  

Once included as part of the now-discontinued Canaan CD-ROM, we have reissued Scrapbook of North Canaan  as a downloadable file.  Including the index we created for it, it totals 98 pages, is in PDF format, for only $4.25.

North Canaan, Scrap Book of

Thanks to the Lakeville Journal for their wonderful article about this re-publication project!!






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