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Winchester and Winsted CT History

We are happy to bring you some Winchester Township and Winsted, Litchfield County, Connecticut history!
Now Available for Download:


Gilbert School, Winsted, CT 1929 - 30 -- This book, more a private school catalog than a school yearbook, includes listings of current students and town, by class, currently faculty by specialty, all alumni by year, all faculty, past and present, with tenures, and all trustees of the Gilbert Trust.  There are a number of photographs (sadly, none are of students) of the physical plant, now occupied by Northwestern Connecticut Community College as Gilbert has moved to newer quarters. 

80+ pages, PDF format, download now for $4.50

 Gilbert School, Winsted CT


The Farmington River and its Origins, from the Connecticut Quarterly, Volume III (1897).  Today one thinks of the Farmington River, starting with its origins in Massachusetts and through its course in Connecticut, primarily in terms of scenic and recreational uses, but a century ago this was emphatically not the case.  While there is material about the Winsted area in this article, the emphasis is on the portion of the river in Hartford County.  Please see our Hartford County page for more information.


A Tour to Historic Places in the Town of Winchester  The full title of this booklet is “A tour to places of historic interest in the Town of Winchester made as part of the observance of the Connecticut tercentenary August 31, 1935”.  There’s a remarkable amount of history here.  It appears to have been collected from the remarks of many local citizens with special knowledge of local events and institutions, made during an automobile tour of the Town of Winchester.  The tour began at the Soldiers Monument in Winsted and continued to several other destinations and landmarks in the Township.  The only fault we find with the document is that it did not include a map – and without one, some landmarks, particularly those of former industries washed away in the 1955 Flood, will be hard to find.  18+ pages, PDF format, download now for $3.00.

 Winchester/Winsted Historic Tour


History of the Winsted Savings BankThis 1935 booklet traces the history of the Winsted Savings Bank from its foundation in 1860 until the year of publication, and along the way includes a fair amount of the history of Winsted and Winchester as well.  As a financial institution, Winsted Savings Bank was sensitive to economic conditions elsewhere in the nation as well, so some of this is included in the narrative.  Also included are photos of the bank through the years, some of its officers and staff, and staff member listings.  30+ pages, PDF format, download now for $3.00.

 History of the Winsted Savings Bank (1935)


Winsted Green and its Neighborhood  (1800 – 1840) By Emily Perkins Roberts

This 1935 booklet traces the history of the Winsted Green – now the area of downtown Winsted opposite Northwestern Connecticut Community College – and the area surrounding it.  Originally prepared for the 150th Anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Winchester, it was later included in the Connecticut Tercentenary publication.  Ms. Perkins uses many sources in this work, some well known (such as Annals of Winchester) and others far more obscure.  We consider this a must for anyone with a serious interest in the history of Winsted or Winchester.  30+ pages, PDF format, download now for $3.00.

 Winsted Green and its Neighborhood



CD-ROM now available:


Annals of Winchester -- Considered authoritative on both the Township of Winchester and the City of Winsted in the years from its foundation until the date of its publication in 1873.


More information is available on our Annals of Winchester page.



Winchester/Winsted items currently awaiting publication:

Needless to say, we're looking for additional material to publish about this area!

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