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Litchfield, CT history


We currently offer two publications about the history of the Town of Litchfield, the county seat of Litchfield County, Connecticut.


Now available:


Litchfield  from Volume II (1896) of the Connecticut Quarterly.  This article, combining local history, material about the community as it was at the time the article was written, and several photographs, is available as a download. 

16+ pages, PDF format, download now for $3.75.

 Litchfield from the Connecticut Quarterly


History of Litchfield, by Alain C. White (1920).  Available on CD-ROM.  Please click here to see the page about White's History of Litchfield.


Litchfield Book of Days, By George C. Boswell (1899).  Litchfield has seemingly always enjoyed good press.  From local writers such as Harriet Beecher Stowe to the present example, the place seems to have a literary bent, and a fair amount of the output has been dedicated to celebrating the more socially prominent members of that community.  This book, which is set up to take every day of the year and assign an historic event involving Litchfielders to it, is an interesting variation on the theme.  There is history here, to be sure, but it is larded among the anecdotes of the community’s upper class.  An interesting conceit:  at the end of the text and before the advertisements are a series of twelve blank pages, each headed with a month, so that the reader whose family was insufficiently prominent to have a date assigned to one of its own events, can insert dates that are meaningful to them.  The advertisements as the end are interesting: one cannot find any of the names that appear in the ads mentioned in the text!   The book contains many photographs and other illustrations and we're quite pleased with how well they reproduce.  This title is also listed in our Americana and Social History section because of what the nature of the book implicitly says about the social context of Litchfield.  Fascinating reading!!

291+ pages, in PDF format.  Download now for $3.25.

 Litchfield Book of Days, by George C. Boswell


The Haven of Litchfield, an article by Henry L. Shepherd, appears in The Lure of the Litchfield Hills  - Volume XX, no. 3, Winter 1960.

Coming soon:

We continue to seek Litchfield -- and Litchfield County -- material to publish.  Check back often!

We've just found a blog of Litchfield history that features what you can see of that history today.  It's an excellent piece of work, and worth subscribing to (we do!).  The author is a social studies teacher at nearby Housatonic Valley Regional High School, and he's good!  Take a look at


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